BI for NDIS & Aged Care Service Providers

Helping Disability and Aged Care Service Providers to turn data into motion and business results. In the last few years, the role and importance of data across Disability and Aged Care Service Providers have been transformed by Australia’s Government to monitor compliance. A key driver behind the rising importance of data is Disability and Aged Care Service Providers’ pursuit of delivering quality services and getting better returns on investment in today’s uncertain business environment.

My personal interest in Business Intelligence has been developed during my time working with boards and Management across NDIS and Aged Care, and in seeing the benefits of collecting data in a meaningful way. Business Intelligence has the capabilities to provide historical, current and predictive views of operations and context, continually adapting to the changing needs through its evolution lifecycle. In a nutshell, Business Intelligence provides a solid foundation for predictive insides and enables boards and managers to make effective decisions that are in the best interest of the organisation.

However, managers often report that they frequently miss useful information and that only some of the information they do receive turns out to be of any value. What’s more, they also often use and act on the wrong information. Disability and Aged Care Service Providers looking to adopt Business Intelligence solutions typically face a number of challenges. While the severity and mix of challenges vary for every individual business. In light of these challenges, corporate boards and decision-makers are asking several key questions about how to apply Business Intelligence.
Some of these questions include:

• Do we have sensible strategies for data and information management?
• How do we make Business Intelligence widely available to decision-makers throughout the organisation?
• Have there been times when crucial decisions couldn’t be made because of a lack of good information?
• How do we manage the increase in volume and variety of data sources?
• Can we govern the secure retrieval, maintenance and regulatory compliance of information used?
• How do we control the cost and complexity of managing increasing volumes of data and content?
• What should we be doing next? What are we not thinking about?
• How do we know they are truly consistent with our business goals?

A well-designed Business Intelligence solution uses various data streams, that make sure that the day-to-day work of the organisation aligns with the purpose of the organisation. Our platform offers the ability to create joined-up data capabilities between participants, staff and service levels to create seamless information management. Datanova is committed to growing its Business Intelligence investments, driving greater innovation in areas such as visualisation to continue developing more opportunities to support cross-industry solutions.

A comprehensive assessment to evaluate the current state, desired state and Business Intelligence roadmap. A comprehensive approach to plan, forecast, monitor, analyse and manage business performance. The resulting solutions must enable Disability and Aged Care Service Providers to align operational decision-making with corporate strategy and increase the delivery capability through optimisation of organisation, methods and processes. Most importantly, Disability and Aged Care Service Providers become enabled and empowered to distribute information effectively in an actionable format to the right people at the right time.

Today, data is at the core of every organisation—and is its most powerful source of competitive advantage. You can enable your organisation to unleash that power through Datanova’s leading Business Intelligence solutions, and target the resulting insights to drive better, faster decisions and higher business results.

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