Case Study: Employment Services Queensland

Employment Services Queensland Pty Ltd (ESQ) are a group of community-based not for profit organisations collaborating to deliver a diverse range of quality training and employment services to jobseekers. Datanova have provided a full range of IT services for ESQ since their inception 3 years ago.

The Opportunity

ESQ were seeking a flexible system that could automate, streamline and support their core processes, in particular, automating the processing of expense claims and marketing activities related to jobseekers, and integrating these processes with the Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) system and their accounting software. These activities within ESQ involve almost all employees across the sites in some way, and previously had been processed manually. This required significant human resources, resulted in less than optimal cash-flow, and a risk of financial losses occurring through inefficiencies existed.

The Challenges

Many challenges existed in building such a software package. Perhaps most importantly was maintaining a user-focus and ensuring a smooth change process. We had to design a system ensuring it was simple for users to access and use, balanced with the significant number of required features. We engaged users at all levels throughout the process to ensure optimal usability. This also helped with the change management process once implemented, as many users were already familiar with the software, and had some ‘ownership’ over the result.

The Solution

The result was a suite of custom-built web based applications that generates significant revenue and cost- saving benefits called Jobstream. JobStream is a suite of simple and easy to use, web-based applications that streamline and automate core back-office processes, including DEEWR expense claims and reimbursement activities related to jobseekers. The system integrates with DEEWR’s systems and accounting software, ensures compliance, and is completely flexible to suit changing organisational needs.