Case Study: Integrated Family and Youth Service

The Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS) provide a range of specialist support and intervention programs for children, young people and families.


The objective of this project is to develop a new IFYS Foster Care Database as a streamlined, secure web-based application, that avoids double data entry, has the ability to store all carer and child’s details under the one file that is quickly and easily accessibility from any common web browser. The Foster Care Database will be simple and easy to use with automated fields containing children, carers and staff information. It should be accessible across multiple sites in Queensland with individual staff logins and defined roles.

The Solution

The Integrated Family and Youth Services (IFYS) Foster Care Database is a system that tracks and records foster and respite children and their Carers. The system operates around a Government division for Foster Children called the Department of Communities (Child Safety). The Department provides referrals (containing a child looking for a placement) to the staff with the child’s information. From there, the child can be ‘placed’ (if there is an available/suitable Carer long term) or the child can be put into ‘respite’ (if there is an available/suitable Carer short term). These referrals are created into the child’s file within the database, along with other details relevant to the child. Any future information relevant to the child also entered into this file from here on. Through their own process, the Department selects the Carers and provide this information to IFYS. This information is then added into the system, along with any other data relevant to the carer. Again, additional information can be added to the file in the future.