Case Study: Nexus Magazine

 First formed in 1986 in Australia, NEXUS Magazine is an international bi- monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of health alternatives; suppressed science; Earth’s ancient past; UFOs and the unexplained; and government cover-ups.

From humble beginnings

Nine years ago, Nexus approached Datanova to develop a web presence and extend their reach in international markets. Getting the site structure optimised correctly the first time was a priority to ensure it could be found through search engines internationally. Quality site optimisation requires both technical and business expertise, and an understanding of the organisation and its audience. If you get this right from the beginning and you provide quality content, the traffic will come.

A true success story

Today, Nexus is the world’s No. 1 magazine for alternative news, health, future science and the unexplained and is available digitally on smart phones and tablets from iTunes and Google Play. Nexus websites and magazines are published in multiple languages and the original Australian site still exists and alone gets ~ 50,000 unique visitors per month.