JobActive Software

JobStream is a suite of simple and easy to use, web-based applications for JobActive providers that streamline and automate core back-office processes, including DE expense claims and reimbursement activities related to jobseekers. The system integrates with DE’s systems and accounting software, ensures compliance, and is completely flexible to suit specific organisational needs.

Key Features

Focused on the financial and administrative aspects of a JobActive organisation that have the greatest direct impact on cost and cash flow. JobStream automates, streamlines and supports core processes common to all JobActive providers including:

  • Employment Pathway Funds,
  • Purchase Orders,
  • Reverse Marketing,
  • Post Placement Support,
  • …and much more.

A clever JobActive Software solution that streamlines, centralises and automates the requisite activities of a DE service contract.

About JobActive

JobActive is an Australian Government-funded network of organisations, that is contracted by the Australian Government, through the Department of Education, to deliver employment services to unemployed job seekers.

JobActive providers are initially selected through a competitive public tender process, with contract periods running for varying lengths of time determined by the Australian Government.

To be eligible for support, people need to be in receipt of eligible income support payments, such as Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance, the Disability Support Pension or Parenting Payment.