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Why Public Sector CRM?

The Government vision for reform is guided by three principles. Government should be Citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered; Results-oriented; (and) Market-based.
These reforms will progressively offer competitive, high quality services that meet the needs of the Australian population. The current standards for quality are under review. Google Slide Show Unleash the power: CRM eCRM mCRM Case Management Cloud Solution please scroll to the bottom of the post.

Call it what you want – Client RM, Citizen RM, Customer Care….the principles are the same

  • It is a “client centric” strategic vision
  • CRM supports the consistent and efficient delivery of services and products
  • It means learning, developing, and deploying knowledge about public sector clients, within privacy requirements, to better serve those clients
  • It allows information to be leveraged for better policy and service development

Every time an individual or business interacts with government, CRM issues are at play.
CRM is central to the role of government.

CRM eCRM mCRM Case Management Cloud Solution

Public Sector CRM Functionality

CRM includes process and technology solutions that involve:

  • Case Management
  • Service Delivery & Support
  • Service Delivery & Support
  • Eligibility Determination
  • Benefits Administration
  • Information Dissemination

Governments and agencies are focusing on constituents, clients, partners, citizens and businesses to:

  • Improve consistency of service
  • Improve compliance through consistent and readily available information
  • Promote equity and parity in information and service delivery
  • Reduce expensive contact methods when self-service is appropriate
  • Increase data security while integrating information for more effective use
  • Decrease costs of maintaining multiple systems

…However There Are Challenges to be Addressed

CRM isn’t easy – the public sector can benefit from lessons learned in the private sector

  • The public sector is developing electronic channels in an effort to improve service, but an integrated approach requires greater effort
  • Information management and integrity of existing data remain a fundamental obstacle to improving service
  • Reduce expensive contact methods when self-service is appropriate
  • CRM is not a technology project. It is a program that affects strategies, processes, and culture

Case Management Solution CRM


The Government is changing delivery models to set new industry standards and most agree that the policy reforms are heading in the right direction with competition increasing between providers.

The increasing demand and competition is prompting the need for a growing number of organisations to think of end-to-end processes from the client perspective. As a result, the emergence of customer-centric strategies, and the technology that supports them, will be essential to success.

You might ask, why is CRM connected with customer service?

CRM is a strategy that connects your customers, employees, and partners in an end-to-end process that can help you treat customers based on their value to your business in a consistent manner to meet your business objective sales and marketing later.

Australian Community Organisations need to use a strategic framework to estimate, plan and promote their customer initiatives, while building up their capabilities in small, piloted steps. Organisations need capabilities in each of these eight areas for successful customer strategies:
Client vision:
Building a market position against competitors with defined value propositions that are based on requirements and communicated.
Client-centric strategies:
Turning the client base into an asset by delivering customer value propositions, which provides objectives (for example, development) and determines how resources will be used in interaction.
Valued customer experience:
Ensuring that the propositions have value to clients and the organisation, that they achieve the market position and are delivered consistently.
Organisational collaboration:
Involves the changing of culture, structures and behaviour to ensure that staff, partners and suppliers work together to deliver what was promised.
Managing customer life cycle processes (for example: inquiry, welcome, complaints and "win back") and analysis and planning processes that build customer knowledge.
Ensuring that the right data is collected and the right information goes to the right place.
Involves data and information management, customer-facing applications, and supporting IT infrastructure and architecture.
Involves internal and external measures of CRM success and failure.

Datanova’s CRM eCRM mCRM Case Management Cloud Solution

Datanova has designed and created an extremely flexible product from the ground up. A cloud based solution that works with you, communicating with the power of collaboration. Every unique process within your business can be supported by FlowLogic’s powerful workflow engine. FlowLogic also gives you powerful reporting and analytics that ensure that you can measure the efficiency and productivity of all of your clients interactions whilst ensuring Government compliance.

FlowLogic allows you to adapt to new working practices as well as integrating with existing systems. CRM solutions are widely used in commercial settings and have been designed to support changing requirements. FlowLogic has been developed to support the move towards personalisation. Customer-led not practitioner driven. Designed to handle the pace of change in social care. 360 degree joined up view of the performance of services you have provided across your organisation.

Our technician’s at the Datanova Labs believe that we have achieved that outcome through FlowLogic. We invite you to book a webinar today and see for yourself what Flowlogic can do for your organisation. For Booking your seat please call us on 1300 552 166 alternatively Email Us. We will get back to you shortly.

Case Management Solution for Social Services CRM

About Datanova: Over the last 12 years Datanova has gained a wealth of experience working with various social service providers. All have varying requirements and localised approaches to executing and delivering care. Our collaborative approach to developing our cloud based data systems in conjunction with our end user community means we always evolve our systems with the direct input of the industry. Creators of FlowLogic a Case Management Solution for Social Services CRM.

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