Consultancy Services

At Datanova, we take great pride in our knowledge of technologies’ application to business and our excellence in strategy development, market research and project management. Rather than simply a technology provider, we are a trusted partner for many organisations across a range of industries that gets involved in the planning and implementation of all projects to maximise the chances of long term success. We understand the complexities and uncertain nature of modern business, the pressures to achieve operational effectiveness, and the difficulties of creating sustainable competitive advantage online.

Our capable team can provide your organisation quality IT consultancy services advice include:

  • Online strategy development helping you achieve sustainable advantages in a dynamic environment
  • Market research, from exploratory to in-depth investigations, to mitigate risks inherent in every technology project
  • Systems design and customisation planning to maximise operational effectiveness and deliver value to your stakeholders
  • Independent project management services helping you to deliver on time and budget
  • Change management, employee training and support services for a smooth transition to new systems
  • Content & Social Media Strategy Development to help you reach your audience or expand your markets
  • Security Analysis to ensure the security and integrity of your organisation’s data and technology assets

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