Environment & Sustainability

Since its foundation in 2002, Datanova has been looking to offer sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact. Currently no formal environment accreditation is in place however Datanova is legitimately committed to sustainability and is proud to operate with a low environmental impact under the following principles:

  1. Low environmental impact through working almost completely paperless. Over 90% of everything we do is in the cloud and if we do need to print documents we print double-sided on recycled paper.
  2. Our software programs are installed through cloud computing minimising the need for “hard copy” products to be manufactured, printed and delivered.
  3. Our telephony system is a unified communications system which uses the existing “internet cable connection” also called Voice over IP (VOIP). No additional cables or structures had to be established to enable business communications.
  4. Our services offered to our clients are sustainable and have a low environmental impact as we mainly offer cloud computing services which save energy and the number of physical servers (hardware products). This also means sharing storage capacity with others.
  5. The majority of Datanova staff work on laptops as laptop components are energy optimised, primarily to ensure that the battery lasts longer.
  6. Stand By mode is not recommended and all staff turn off their devices at the end of the day.
  7. We recycle retired devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and keyboards.
  8. We reduce the cost and impact of air travel for our sales staff as a significant number of meetings are  held virtually, through webinars that allow full screen sharing.