NDIS client management

Introducing the smart NDIS client management system

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Increased adoption of smartphones and tablets by organisations has changed how business is conducted. And end users become more mobile, they are demanding reliable and flexible support. Users today lack the patience to wait for today’s support centre to assist them, and have become more willing to research their own solution with self-service tools and technology.

In a competitive environment, negative experience and poor service can lead customers to switch
service providers because poor service indicates inefficiency, higher cost and lower quality of care. The high expectation of customer service provided by service organisations in the information age poses a serious challenge for providers as they have to make an exceptional impression on every customer.

The adoption of CRM and self-serviced client portals is believed to boost effectiveness and efficiency customer service in NDIS or Aged Care community service providers. FlowPoint is a client portal and mobile friendly website that integrates the Aged Care or NDIS client management system into a single self-service user-personalised experience. The portal acts as a one-stop shop, or “gateway,” for users’ information and system needs.

FlowLogic and Flowpoint together give everything you need in one single solution. It brings together a complete frontend client portal with a dynamic Client Relationship Management (CRM) engine for providers, along with a secure mobile website participants and families.

FlowPoint delivers a simple, interactive and informative experience for the participants wherever and whenever they want, with real-time integration with the provider’s system for seamless service delivery and administration.

The portal combined enables the effective provision of services to participants in an engaging and meaningful way, whilst increasing productivity, ensuring compliance, and enhancing reporting with real-time data and analytics required under the NDIS framework.

FlowPoint also provides the ultimate flexibility for providers to quickly adapt and capitalise on new opportunities, deliver new solutions and services, and prepare for the challenges of the NDIS.

Best of all, it will reduce operational and staff workloads, streamline processes whilst ensuring the provision of quality services. FlowPoint is supported by a super responsive and friendly team always on hand to help whenever you need it.

Datanova has been delivering software solutions for employment services and other community service organisations for over 12 years. We continually refine, adapt and extend our software as the industry changes, and we are working proactively with our clients to ensure a smooth transition to the new model.

Christian Krauter
Founder at Datanova
The Founder of Datanova, a visionary and digital business solution architect with 24 years experience in the rapidly expanding fields of information management systems, data governance and customer focused-strategy. As Director of Datanova, he leads a great team focused on cloud based services and solutions improving a clients business result through enabling a competitive advantage from all their information assets to drive top business imperatives – Christian Krauter, is a recognised expert on analytical applications, CMS, CRM, focused on improving client’s business results through cloud development, information management and data governance.
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