The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides Australian Disability Service Providers to manage effectiveness and compliance under the scheme.

NDIS service providers often use a wide array of IT software programs, creating inefficiencies that can harm the bottom line, damage the participant’s experience, and compliance issues. Impeding the organisation’s ability to reach its full potential. If you want to purchase a one-stop-solution NDIS software program, you face a very big decision: which vendor to choose for your software. It often boils down to two vendors, forcing you to choose between them.
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Currently, you can find several Australian software providers offering a set of functionality specific to the NDIA requirements. It will depend on which software vendor you choose and what additional software you need. Datanova is proud to be one of the first organisations to bring an NDIS software package to the Australian market. Over the last 4 years, we have worked closely with 182 and counting NDIS Service Providers who helped to make this a one-stop solution for the NDIS service providers.

Suppose you are looking for a software package offering a complete suite for participant management, collaboration, communication tools, self-service client portal, rostering, NDIA bulk claiming, invoicing, and billing. A traditional CRM software package will not cover all aspects required for a true one-solution-fits-all NDIS management solution. Our goal for this article is to assist you in identifying what makes a one-stop-shop NDIS Software Program solution to enable success and helping to avoid extra investments for additional software packages.

NDIS Software program board

NDIS Software Program decision-making tool

Our team evaluated the full range of software features and assigned it to a list of modules required for a standalone business application. How did we do it? First, we examined the feature sets required and connected each to a module within the correct software category based on industry terms. For example, we identified an “Onboarding for new employees” feature is required and attached to the HR module of the HR component of the package. We objectively describe each software category in a traditional sense, followed by the adjustments to NDIS, including the advantages, arming you with the information you need for a standalone NDIS business application.

NDIS Software Program decision-making tool is available in Google Spreadsheets or in Microsoft Excel format. Game rules are the organisation is voting for potential software candidates to make a decision when purchasing an NDIS software package. A scoreboard based on features you need for a one-stop-shop NDIS Software Program. This is a simple and fun way to see where how different NDIS software providers compare.

CRM for Participant management under NDIS

Module number one, and at the core of the system, is CRM for NDIS Participant management, to build profitable business relationships with their participants or clients to ensure steady revenue generation under the NDIS. The advantage is that all critical functions and processes are in one central database, and it can instantly deliver personalised insights of the company’s performance tailored to each user’s need—be it CFO, controller, CEO, team leader, manager, support staff or SLA manager. Because all reports and dashboards extract data from a single, centralised data repository, the multiple versions of the truth that your employees currently obtain from disparate systems and spreadsheets are eliminated.

NDIS Software: Participant management software features:
  • NDIS-compliant forms for data collection
  • Participant Management, Goals and Outcomes monitoring
  • Service Agreement Management, Incident Management, NDIA price list management, Service Catalog
  • Integrated NDIA price list, Roster Scheduler, and Service Catalog
  • Dashboard Widgets, Satisfaction Surveys, Role-based permissions
  • Business Intelligence, Financial and Operational Reporting
  • Property management, Property Maintenance, Property Sundries

NDIS Software for Employee Roster Scheduling

Should let users create rosters in the cloud effortlessly, make adjustments in a flash, and handle everything from staff availability, rostering, shift swaps, clock-in-out and payroll. Employees should also submit requests for time offs and leaves while you can check their applications and decide to approve or decline them. Roster option to create shifts for one on one or many-by-many. Instant notifications let staff know of their shift schedule or if any updates and changes are introduced.

NDIS Software: Employee Roster Scheduling features:
  • Create a group or single shifts
  • Notify your staff via email or SMS
  • Shift costs against expected service costs
  • Staff can self-manage the leave & unavailability
  • Schedule employees for different sites and locations
  • Allocate staff according to the suitability
  • Sync your staff’s pay rates
  • Open shifts to either staff members/groups
  • Attach NDIA service items
  • Repeat shifts for recurring shift
  • Attach shift notes to roster shifts.
  • Roster Templates
NDIS Software Staff Roster Dashboard

NDIS Budgeting and Reporting Software

In today’s competitive business environment, quality Budgeting and Accounting Software software has become essential to cut costs and boost efficiency. The best thing to do before shelling out your hard-earned money is to compare the features of leading apps in this category.

NDIS statements to review, print or export from the software, summarising the support items for each client and the available sort filter can display your data categorised by date, participant, NDIA cluster or funding stream. Overarching reports are available from the Reports sections to review the NDIS Service Breakdown and Available Funding as required.

NDIS Budgeting and Reporting Software features:
  • Bulk and Single NDIA claims management
  • NDIS reconciliation, reports and expenditure
  • Multi-funding stream, Service management & tracking
  • NDIA Batch processing, NDIA Custom pricing
  • Reports for different programs, sites and locations
  • Activity dashboard, Activity tracking, Automated billing
  • NDIA Budgeting & forecasting
  • Participant Billing & invoicing
  • NDIA single claim or bulk claims processing
  • Monitor client budgets and contracts
  • Report timesheets vs billables
  • Plan Manager invoicing and management
  • Financial analysis, management & forecasting
NDIS software tool
NDIS software tool available free with every webinar

HR for NDIS Software

Following traditional HR management, the software feature should provide role-based access to information. The main figures in the system are administrators and managers who are in charge of delegating competence to other users listed on their dashboards. They will be responsible for creating employee profiles and inserting all related information in their portfolios.
However, the most serious benefit of using a one-stop solution is administering benefits: the centralised database contains the benefits for each employee and allows the manager to track them down in no time.

HR for NDIS Software features:
NDIS software tool
NDIS software tool available free with every webinar


  • Applicant tracking system
  • Onboarding for new employees
  • Role-based access to information
  • Role-based access to Dashboard
  • Reports for different programs, sites and locations
  • NDIS-specific staff management
  • NDIS-specific staff management
  • Participant Billing & invoicing
  • Performance reporting
  • Automated alerts on certificates

NDIS Self-Serviced Participant Portal

Key functionalities should include viewing upcoming roster shifts, accessible progress notes, property portal, complaints and feedback. Another competitive edge of this easy-to-use client portal is NDIS goal planning and tracking to share with your participants. Ability to resolve problems before they’ve impacted your service delivery. Capabilities include property management, incident management, roster management, staff star rating and feedback, and performance analysis.

NDIS Self-Serviced Participant Portal features:
  • Self Service Portal
  • Service Agreements Management
  • Roster Scheduler, Team members
  • Staff ratings, Service Ratings
  • Portal Customisation and Widgets
  • Satisfaction Surveys, Feedback and Complaints
  • Marketing tools for services and events
  • Participant Billing & invoicing
  • Goals and Outcomes Reporting
  • Automated alerts on events

NDIS Software Program:

FlowLogic Flowpoint Solution

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds cost associated with disability. The scheme was legislated in 2013 and is expected to be in full operation nationally by 2020. It is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

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