NDIS Support Coordination Software

Our NDIS software solution has built-in Support Coordination to support a proven track record in supporting individuals through the coordination process and recommending service providers based on your unique needs. Flowlogic our NDIS Support Coordination Software, say goodbye to paper, time-consuming administration and spending countless hours getting information ready for the NDIS. Our all-in-one NDIS Support Coordination software program for NDIS Support Coordinators is Australian made and helps you to manage tasks, allowing unlimited Participants to track compliance for your NDIS audit. One simple-to-use system provides staff with a holistic, centralised 360 degrees view of participants or consumers, correspondence, NDIS bulk or single claim, invoices, documents and NDIS budgets.

Support Coordination Software in a Centralised System

Our NDIS Support Coordination software is a centralised system for Continuous Improvements, Compliance, Risks, Incidents, Complaints, Maintenance and WHS. Complete overview of participants’ or consumers’ care plans, including available funds our easy-to-use NDIS Support Coordination software makes it a breeze to plan and deliver support. An NDIS software package to get the best of the resources available to you enables your participants or consumers to get the most secure and high standard of care.

  • Powerful Dashboards tailored to your Role
  • Compare revenue vs costs
  • Clear overview of client care plans
  • Progress and goals
KPI dashboard widget for Staff’s performance and efficiency
  • KPI dashboard widget for participants and consumers compliance
  • Compare staff’s costs vs NDIS claims by month
Monitor holiday and sick leave
  • Raise invoices based on services delivered and the latest NDIS pricing
  • Dedicated participants and consumers self-service portal including for family and friends

Schedule appointments on our NDIS Support Coordination

Schedule appointments on our NDIS Support Coordination software to invoice based on exactly how much time you’ve spent with a participant and consumer. Explore shifts by team member or participant and consumer setup recurring appointments plus seeing who’s available when and who is the best match based on personal preferences or certification. See who is on leave or who is available or who needs more hours, and who is in overtime. Record case notes and adds billable time on one entity.

  • Automated tracking and monitoring of Support Coordination hours
  • Build in to-do list per team member or participant and consumer.
  • Create a library of resources to share across your team.
  • Create your Service Agreements and Consent forms.

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