Referral Program: Overview and Benefits

According to research and reports, at the time of writing this article, there are a number of businesses in Disability and Aged Care with varying de­grees of software that need to stay compliant. The Disability and Aged Care Service Providers market consists of smaller, growing companies as well as divisions of large corporations.

However, small businesses and midsize companies tend to be sensitive about software investments. They want software invest­ments to deliver benefits that are reflected quickly in the bottom line, usually within a few months of implementation.

As it turns out, Datanova has such All­ in­One affordable, fast­ working solu­tion in our handcrafted Flowlogic Family. You can provide greater value to your staff, consumers, participants and families as well as gain benefits for your own company.

Flowlogic Family NDIS and Aged Care All­ in­One Software

Datanova’s Data Captains are working with our clients to help them reach their goals. We understand the challenges our client’s busi­nesses face and our designed award-winning software solution will tackle those issues.

Datanova’s Flowlogic Family NDIS and Aged Care solutions combine all aspects of delivering a compliant service in a one-stop-solution software, with Best Practices offerings, and a nominated Data Captain for support into a single, affordable solution for any sized company.

Registering your Referral Opportunities

If an opportunity has been submitted, the member of the Referral Program will be informed via email or a phone call about any status. And over the course of time from the initial webinar outcome right to the final SAAS agreement signature of the registered opportunity the member will get notified. We aim to review referred opportunities within 2-3 busi­ness days. We will communicate the status of opportunities through a phone call or e­mail whether at the stage is accepted or rejected by the opportunity.

When a Referral Reward is Won

Once a deal has been won and a contract signed, the Re­ferral Program Submitter is eligible for a closing reward of 2 hours of Data Captain or 2 hours of Development hours and the expiry date attached to it.

Datanova will notify the member of the Referral Program. The member has to inform us whether the reward is the 2 hours of Data Captain or 2 hours of Development hours given to the company. The decision made by the member of the company during the registration process and when the rewards are won.