Business Management: Online Communication towards social CRM

Business Management Online communication towards social CRM
Intensive consumer participation on social media has raised new challenges in terms of reputation management and CRM. We tackle the issue of online reputation management in the era of social media. It explores the practices of Social Media managers using a qualitative research methodology based mainly on online observation. It is not merely a case ...

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Aged Care: Social Network Platforms Service Support

Aged Care Social Network Platforms Service Support: Most developed countries currently face a demographic change towards an ageing society. In this respect, the so-called transition age between 60 and 75 is crucial for individual health and wellbeing, since it usually is connected with the transition from work life to retirement. Keywords: Online Social Networks; Service ...

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Define Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce? Define Social Commerce. Social commerce is the next step in the evolution of eCommerce. Social commerce can be briefly described as commerce activities mediated by social media. In social commerce, people do commerce or intentionally explore commerce opportunities by participating and/or engaging in a collaborative online environment. As a relatively new ...

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How to implement a Marketing 2.0 Model

How to implement a Marketing 2.0 Model combines traditional marketing techniques with Web 2.0 and other social media elements. By using your website, blog, social network(s), and email marketing to create a conversation between your company, customers, and prospects, Marking 2.0 allows you to extend your marketing reach beyond that of traditional marketing methods. Combining ...

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Social media marketing CRM to social CRM Strategy

Social media marketing CRM to social CRM Strategy Social media is a must for an organisation to remain competitive on the market. Social Media is a tool to manage relationships with customers and keep them closer. The use of social media marketing represents a strong factor in developing a CRM strategy. CRM considers the client ...

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2016 Social Media Report

2016 Sensis Social Media Report Review The Sensis Social Media Report is a survey of Australian consumers and businesses on how social media channels are being used.Tracking the confidence and behaviour of Australia’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the Sensis e-Business Report contains some interesting information about how this nation’s business owners and managers think. ...

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Mobile social media: New element of digital marketing

Mobile social media: The new hybrid element of digital marketing communications It is difficult to imagine our lives without mobile phones. According to a the Household Use of Information Technology Australia in 2014-15, "Australians on an average own 3 digital devices and ownership of many digital, mobile and connected devices has reached critical mass. ...

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SMEs Best practice social marketing strategy

SMEs Best practice social marketing strategy
SMEs Best practice social marketing strategy The internet has created many new ways businesses can reach consumers. These include online marketing tools such as blogs, podcasts and social media. Businesses can overcome geographical barriers and interact with consumers through online communities and social networks. Academics analysed the best practices related to the use of social ...

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Social media content marketing

social media content marketing blog concept woman weights
The importance of social media content marketing Academics and professionals all around the world have been fascinated by the effect social media content marketing has on a business’s brand. In a paper delivered to the International Conference on Marketing and Retailing last year, a group of academics from Malaysia explored how social media content marketing ...

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Social cloud statistics Australia

Social cloud statistics Australia Selfie People Blogs Hero Article
Social cloud statistics Australia and how Australian people and businesses are using social media. Article inspired by the 2015 edition of the Sensis Social Media Report and we added all relevant links at the end of the article with the link to download the full report. Australians continue to embrace technology through use of internet ...

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