Introducing FlowLogic: Simplify Complexity and Make Simplicity Effective

Paperless - Efficient - Compliant

FlowLogic a sophisticated cloud solution that will help you improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients. FlowLogic is 100% mobile ready allowing you to work from anywhere, whether it be on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. 

FlowLogic is a range of solutions and designed to deliver high quality, fully scalable, integrated cloud solution required by Australian community care organisations.

Built with an understanding of the reporting and analysis challenges that the industry faces under current Government contracts,  Datanova works proactively with existing clients to refine and extend coverage as the industry transitions to the new model and is suitable for Social Services, JobActive, NDIS and Aged Care.

FlowLogic enables you to work paperless and more efficiently and be Government compliant. The Workflow & Task Automation engine will help your team ensuring NDIS time-consuming business processes and compliance are easier to manage.


Business Intelligence Dashboards

Gain insight to your performance

FlowLogic empowers organisations to work more efficiently and operate paperless. This integrated solution can save a significant amount of administration time and expense, and facilitates in providing a clear view of current performance by means of colourful business intelligence dashboard.

FlowLogic is extremely comprehensive and can be tailored to specific business objectives. For example, the software also includes Foster Care related forms such as Child Safety Officer, Enquiry Referral Intake and Stakeholder details. All these forms can be tailored to your organisation, whether it’s under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Employment Services, Foster Care or other government or non-government programs.

Datanova is proud to announce that FlowLogic is a cloud-based software hosted on secure Australian servers.

NDIS Provider Portal Claims Management Software

Improve your workflow and record all claimable activities

If your organisation is looking for an all-in-one software solution that can manage NDIS Provider Portal Claims, look no further. FlowLogic enables your organisation to record all support plans and claimable activities including all NDIA Support Items & Clusters. Simply bulk export your claimable activities and import into the NDIS Provider Portal.




FlowLogic is mobile ready and cloud based

Engineered for the Mobile Worker

Work from anywhere: laptop, tablet or mobile device

Safe, secure, compliant

Operating on award winning hosting facilities offering you peace of mind

All our software is hosted on Amazon and ASD certifies Amazon Web Services (AWS) Core cloud services for use for UNCLASSIFIED (DLM) workloads as per the Australian Government security classification system.FlowLogic is the most comprehensive cloud-based software for service providers of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. FlowLogic includes many features such as staff rostering, CRM functionality, claims and internal purchasing component and more. Most importantly of all, everything is paperless, online, in one place.

FlowLogic Main Features January 2018

My NDIS Concierge

Work smarter and more efficient

FlowLogic is a cloud solution that captures data required to be recorded by service providers/community care organisations. FlowLogic is a web based, enabling mobile workplaces, as long as there is internet access, be it on desktop, laptop or tablet and  mobile devices.

Works on mobile devices including:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Android
  • Samsung
  • Tablets
Organise Support
Rate Providers
Upload Receipts

Cloud Based

FlowLogic is a cloud-based software and is accessed via a web browser. This means that you can work form anywhere, as long as there is internet connection, be it on desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Three tier sign off

FlowLogic has a comprehensive tracking system which keeps track of who logged in last, what changes were made and it even saves all previous version of a file or document. 

NDIS Ready

FlowLogic is the most comprehensive cloud-based software for service providers of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. FlowLogic includes many features and lets you work completely paperless.

Detailed FlowLogic Product Presentation