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Datanova’s Flowlogic voted for Best NDIS Software for this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 hosted by APAC Insider!

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Now in its five years, the acclaimed APAC Insider Business Awards return to celebrate the very best businesses and individuals from across the Asia Pacific region. A veritable hub of innovation, growth and creativity, the Asia Pacific is a location defined by excellence and extraordinary achievements. This programme was launched to represent and recognise these achievements and to showcase those companies who can truly be described as paragons on the greater professional landscape.

Speaking at the announcement of the awards, Awards Co-ordinator, Jessie Wilson, commented on the success of their winners: “It is a pleasure to showcase the success of these talented winners, and I would like to offer my congratulations and best wishes for the future.”


The Australian Enterprise Awards returns seeking to acknowledge those businesses and individuals who have played a pivotal role in the resurgence of one of the world’s biggest economies. As one of the top 15 highest-grossing economies in the world, Australia boasts many individuals and organisations from across a myriad of sectors and industries deserving praise and recognition.

The impact of COVID-19 has wreaked unprecedented upheaval and many in the business community are still getting to grips with the biggest peace-time crisis they’ve ever had to deal with. It has, however, offered business leaders an opportunity to innovate and bring about permanent positive change and this is an incredibly exciting time to be nominated and get noticed.

From construction, finance, mining, energy and the life sciences industries to its popularity as a holiday and emigration destination, the Australian Enterprise Awards recognises all who are making valuable contributions to the depth of the nation’s economy and international status.

Datanova’s Flowlogic Winner of  the 2021 APAC BUSINESS AWARDS

We consider an organisation’s achievements over the past 12 months, as well as its’ reputation amongst its’ peers and, most importantly, the company’s presence within the market. We believe this makes the Australian Enterprise Awards one of the most reputable in its field!

Best NDIS Software 2021 Banner

best ndis software banner 2021

Decision-making tool NDIS Software Program

Datanova is proud to be one of the first organisations to bring an NDIS software package to the Australian market. Over the last 3 years, we have worked closely with over 100 NDIS Service Providers who helped to make this a one-stop-solution for NDIS and Aged Care service providers.

If you are looking for a software package that offers a complete suite for your participant management, collaboration, communication tools, self-service client portal, rostering, NDIA bulk claiming, invoicing including billing then a traditional CRM software package will not cover all aspects required for a true one-solution-fits-all NDIS management solution. The goal of this NDIS software program decision-making tool is to assist you to identify the best suitable NDIS Software Program for you.

NDIS Software Program decision-making tool is available for Google Spreadsheet or in MS Excel Spreadsheet format. Game rules are the organisation is voting for potential software candidates to make a decision when purchasing an NDIS software package. A scoreboard based on features you need for a one-stop-shop NDIS Software Program. This is a simple and fun way to see where how different NDIS software providers compare.

Please contact Datanova today to receive a copy of the NDIS Software Program decision-making tool to find the software solution that is right for you.

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