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NDIS software enables participant management and interaction. Flowlogic and Flowpoint software packages that offer a complete suite for your participant management. Over the last 3 years, we have worked closely with over 100 NDIS Service Providers who helped to make this a one-stop-solution for the NDIS service providers.

Please read some of the amazing NDIS software reviews we received for Flowlogic and Flowpoint from AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND DISABILITY SERVICE PROVIDERS, our clients which we call ‘our partners’.

Tyler Haines

The team at Datanova are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are more than happy to assist with any questions or queries and always got back to me as soon as possible.
The amount of time I save thanks to the FlowLogic system allows me to address staff and other business that I have previously had to push to the side or hand off.
I am extremely impressed and happy with Datanova and the FlowLogic system and would definitely recommend it to other providers. It’s a real game changer.

Greg Macintyre

Right from the onset, we were fully supported, trained and helped to customize and set up flow logic to meet our organisations needs. This program has streamlined our business, allowed us to keep better more accurate records and has given our outreach workers access to more information to be able to provide an exceptional service to our clients. We are extremely happy with the program and the support – an excellent investment for our NDIS business.

Rebecca Ridd

We have been with Datanova for the past 3 years. The product is good and it is continually being developed and kept up to date with changes within the industry for the providers.

Patrick Yeung

Great platform for the NDIS to organise your partcipant’s files and to organise billing, shifts etc.

Frankie Gaston

Our organisation has been working with Datanova for a year now, and they have been a pleasure to work with. The team are innovative, responsive, and very professional. The CRM that we are using (FlowLogic) is a great fit for our organisation, and has opened up the door to new ways of thinking around how we can use and manage information in our organisation.


Managing National Disability Insurance Scheme Software Summary:

• NDIS compliant forms for data collection
• Participant Management, Goals and Outcomes monitoring
• Integrated NDIA price list & NDIA price list management,
• Service Agreement Management, Incident Management,
• Plan Management and Support Coordination
• Roster Scheduler, Service Catalog integration, NDIA Cancellation Policies;
• Participant self-serviced client portal
• Dashboard Widgets, Satisfaction Surveys, Role-based permissions
• Business Intelligence, Financial and Operational Reporting
• Property management, Property Maintenance, Property Sundries

Financial NDIS Budgeting and Reporting Software Summary:

• Bulk and Single NDIA claims management
• NDIS reconciliation, reports and expenditure
• Multi-funding stream, Service management & tracking
• NDIA Batch processing, NDIA Custom pricing
• Reports for a different program, sites and locations
• Activity dashboard, Activity tracking, Automated billing
• NDIA Budgeting & forecasting
• Participant Billing & invoicing
• NDIA single claim or bulk claims processing
• Monitor client budgets and contracts
• Report timesheets vs billables
• Plan Manager invoicing and management
• Financial analysis, management & forecasting


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability.The scheme was legislated for in 2013 and is expected to be in full operation nationally by 2020. It is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).


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