Mission Statement:

Vision Statement:
Seamlessly connecting people, services and technology.

datanova mission statement

We advocate adopting the digital age through a secure, cloud-based digital ecosystem. Trend-setting innovation coupled with superior client support delivers fast, easy-to-use access to information anywhere, on any device, to enable better decision-making, leading to greater profitability for our clients.

Datanova’s founders realised an opportunity in the Disability and Aged Care sectors to empower companies with ease-of-use systems with low admin overheads to underpin profitable growth and compliance. Flowlogic, our innovative digital ecosystem, effectively minimises administration costs and maximises service

Over the last 4 years, Flowlogic has become a trusted brand in the industry, loved by our clients. Even through the recent global pandemic, strong leadership and our great people ensured that the brand stayed strong by sticking to its core values. Today, support organisations rely on Flowlogic for compliant service delivery and trust Datanova with the same transparency, reliability and confidence they’ve come to expect from a trusted brand.



We aim for excellence in everything we do, from the initial contact, through onboarding to custom development and ongoing support. We conduct ourselves with professionalism in our pursuit to deliver quality for our clients.


We are stronger when we work collaboratively as a team. Each team member is committed to treat each other with respect, empathy, and acceptance. We are a company that embraces curiosity, bold ideas and personal growth.


We aim to ensure the sustainability of our business by focusing on doing what we do best and by continuously increasing the value and usefulness of our core products. We manage client expectations, promising only what we can deliver and what is in the best interests of both parties.