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The National Disability Insurance Scheme implores disability service providers to identify NDIS software in Australia that can efficiently manage, track, and report the goals and budgets of staff and clients. General software isn’t sufficient for elements such as participation management, communication, self-service client portal, rostering, bulk-claims, invoicing and billing. You require a complete NDIS client management system from datanova. We’ve collaborated with over a hundred NDIS service providers to develop a relevant solution to their operations.

Benefits of Disability Services Management Software

Instead of relying on individual applications for a specific feature, our NDIS CRM software combines the essential functions into one system. When you partner with a reputable provider, you and your staff can enjoy the benefits of a program that caters to your needs.

  • FlowPoint aims to coordinate support in a single workspace. Consequently, you have access to client budgets, critical documents such as case files and schedules, which eliminates miscommunication and errors. Following up on outcomes is easier, and you can speed up the workflow. If you’re away from your desk but require information, you can use the mobile CRM solution.
  • Using FlowLogic allows you to organise your staff better through smart scheduling and rostering. Staff can access the platform on their mobile devices or laptops and use the facility to apply for leave days or view their upcoming shifts. You can approve or decline their requests, send notifications to them via email or SMS, and allocate team members to different locations based on their suitability. Furthermore, if you have new employees, there is an onboarding facility alongside performance reporting.
  • Every successful operation requires quality software for budgeting and accounting. Identifying the best solution for efficiency while cutting costs is a challenging but essential task. Using our software provides features that take care of exporting NDIS statements to review, bulk and single NDIA claims management, budgeting, and forecasting, monitoring of client budgets and contracts, financial analysis and more.
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Winner of the 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards

for Best NDIS and Aged Care Software

Consider This Regarding an NDIS Plan Management Software

If you’re having troubles managing your NDIS plan, you’re certainly not alone. There are hundreds of service providers struggling because it’s a time-consuming task, especially if you’re going at it manually. NDIS support coordination is here to assist your organisation in the form of management software. You can enhance your productivity by automating those laborious tasks. As a result, your customers and staff are happier, which contributes to an overall positive experience.

  • A useful NDIS software must be accessible regardless of your location. Find a provider that offers you ease of access through device compatibility and a user-friendly interface. To identify the ideal software, it must assist you through a variety of features. Consider a system that handles client record management, calendar integrations, staff management and customer support. These features will reduce time wastage from your employees and naturally increase their efficiency.
  • Security is a concern when dealing with software, so you should be vigilant by selecting a provider with a secure storage system in the cloud. Using FlowCare ensures that your files are safe and prevent the possibility of loss and damage of critical client records. The ability to monitor data throughout the day and seamless data transfer are critical factors.
  • There are multiple NDIS software providers in Australia. It can be a painstaking process to filter through the rough; however, it’s critical to the future of your practice. For this reason, you should find a company that has extensive experience with NDIS software and has assisted its clients with maximising their operations through their platforms. If it gives you peace of mind, obtain a recommendation from other practitioners in the field. Read their reviews of the software products and make an informed decision.

About datanova

We are leaders in providing NDIS-ready software to service providers around the country. With over 11 years in the industry, you can be confident about our solutions. At the 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards, we won the award for Best NDIS and Aged Care Software. That is a result of the hard work we do – developing a program from the user’s perspective.

We believe that it takes more than our knowledge and qualifications to achieve results. Establishing relationships is our goal as we gain an insight into our clients’ requirements enabling us to assist them and place them on the road to success.

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