engagement models

We believe in customer delight through our execution methodology. Our Support services are provided by our Data Captains or helpdesk service, contactable by email and phone during business hours. Each support request is logged with Datanova’s helpdesk staff and an automated support ID is provided by email to the requester.

With the rollout of any system, there are four key, 4 requirements that must be delivered exactly as required:

Training – Multiple training options from onsite in-person training to digitally delivered training sessions are available with training designed to suit the requirements of our clients.
Ongoing Support / Account Management
– Dedicated Data Captains are assigned to each client. Datanova highly values our client relationships and ensures that the highest level of service is provided with direct access to key staff, management and technical support.

Documentation – With any new and ongoing project the most important issue is the lack of documentation to allow for future development which is why a comprehensive document matrix is provided outlining the features and key deliverables as part of the inception of FlowLogic where required.

Client feedback – Datanova work very closely with our clients both to ensure our features are in line with current requirements, and to ensure support and management of our services are in line with evolving expectations. There are a number of ways in which feedback and collaboration are developed through group webinars and information sessions.