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Introducing FlowLogic: Simplify Complexity and Make Simplicity Effective

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Empower people you support, staff, suppliers, or partners performing high-value transactions, from simple submitting staff ratings to paying bills, managing rosters, measuring goals and outcome, support tickets, and more.

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Mobile Ready & Cloud-based software designed for NDIS or any other funding stream supported by the Australian Commonwealth Program
FlowPoint FlowLogic

FlowLogic a sophisticated cloud solution that will help you improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients.

FlowPoint a Cloud-Based Portal, optimised for FlowLogic and preloaded with functions to client engagement and self-service your customers.

You can use a state-of-the-art cloud-based solution to assist your case managers and clients to progress towards a life of greater safety and stability.

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NDIS software data driven dashboards better decision-making icon
NDIS Software:Data-driven dashboards for better decision-making, 15 June 2018

Providing timely and effective services in the NDIS and My Aged Care requires the management of individual participants or clients as well as the flow and demands of the entire organisation. Dashboards visualise a consolidated set data for a certain purpose which enables users to see what is happening and to initiate actions.

ndis-my aged care-roster-shift-software-small
NDIS My Aged Care Roster Solution, 8 January 2018

NDIS and My Aged Care Service providers are confronted with many challenges. On the one hand, demographic changes demand additional services. On the other hand, organisations have to profitably manage the supply of services. That requires the efficient use of resources.

client incident management system
Client Incident Management System, 15 December 2017

Empower Australian Service Providers to effectively respond to client incidents, to be accountable for their actions, to manage the quality of their own services and to make the best use of departmental support resources, particularly in relation to the most serious incidents.

“Be able to focus on personal interactions and services performance, not data maintenance.”
Flowlogic a sophisticated, Cloud Solution improve outcomes, operate efficiently, and meet the expectations of today’s clients. A range of solutions designed to address the needs of Australian Community Care organisations.
Collect data and gain insight across multiple systems to enhance participant/client outcomes and achieve a competitive advantage.
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With over 12 years of development experience we provide Cloud Solutions for NDIS, Aged Care, Social Services and JobActive.

Crafting Cloud Solutions for eCRM, Case Management, ecommerce, mobile, database, web development and innovative in-house digital marketing digital business architects.

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