With over 12 years of development experience we provide Cloud Solutions for NDIS, My Aged Care, Jobactive and Social Services in Australia.

Systems that provide client management, financial data and reporting tools to support and improve your decision-making process

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It takes more than technical expertise, experience, or a global team of talented people to get results. Our initial approach into any partnership is to establish great collaboration from start to finish. This allows us to gain insight of our partners needs and ultimately assist them to the road of success.

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NDIS Software

If you are looking to purchase a one-stop-solution NDIS software program you face a very big decision: which vendor to choose for your software and in many cases it boils down to two vendors and you are forced to choose between the two.


Flowpoint a Cloud-Based Portal, optimised for FlowLogic and preloaded with functions from client engagement to self-service your customers.
Flowpoint a sophisticated cloud solution that will help you improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients.


A web-based health data management solution for Australian My Aged Care Service Providers of all sizes. It ensures compliance and includes financial management, decision support, electronic statements, data management, client records, client scheduling and reporting.


A software package that offers a complete suite for your participant management. Over the last 3 years, we have worked closely with over 100 NDIS Service Providers who helped to make this a one-stop-solution for the NDIS service providers.


Change is constant. How will organisations update their systems to account for additional services, changing programs, new regulations, new market opportunities, and the continuous push for improved efficiency?
Meet FlowLogic a whole flexible business solution, to remain competitive,  adjust with the speed of change, stay compliant, and to support flexibility. FlowLogic has proven itself capable of delivering the business agility required to evolve and grow in the new world of constant market change.

Payroll, Invoicing and NDIS Bulk Claims 100%
A true one-stop-solution-for NDIS management 100%
A powerful ease of use form and content editor 100%
Paperless office and mobile ready 90%

We recognise our unique offering is our ability to truly understand our clients’ needs and interpret that into smart software solutions due to our specific industry experience and focus. We are proud of our ability to build long term relationships with our clients, that enables us to become an extension of the organisations we partner. As our partner, you receive a trendsetting one-stop NDIS software package delivered with a strategic program and impressive on-going support.
Our innovative architecture ranked as a unique market solution will effectively minimise administration costs and maximise service deliverables and providing you with a 360-degree view of your participants or clients to stay compliant meeting the expectations of today’s market.

We build more than 100 free road map items  for NDIS providers which in return they love.  Our road map is a guide that lets you communicate your vision for your Flowlogic’s future. Our road map is not the traditional software road map moreover its an unmatched free service for NDIS providers. You are invited to propose any new feature in Flowlogic or Flowpoint currently unavailable and we build it for free and publish the item our road map.

Reliable. Scalable. Affordable. Secure. As your systems increase in complexity, you’ll need to address stability, performance and functionality issues. Our hosting and data storage is in an IRAP certified Australian facility and with our architecturally designed Cloud Cluster Platform, FlowLogic runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), ASD (Australian Signals Directory), Department of Defence certified, multihomed, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secured servers.  Our focus toward professional maintenance ensuring excellent quality of our cloud-based services and to seamlessly integrates with your business requirements . 


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