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DSS Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS Aged Care icon
Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS My Aged Care, 18 July 2017

Businesses continually seek competitive advantage for NDIS and Aged Care to establish a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Operational automation and visibility is key – the pace of digital business demands that the right decisions are made at the right time… often at a pace human’s can’t keep up with. Analytics and automation ensure completeness of information, and the ability to respond to what this information is saying, at the right time. Automation frees up time for innovative new projects by minimising the time teams spend on routine activities.

CRM Nursing Documentation System in Residential Aged Care Couple Mobile
CRM Nursing Documentation System in Residential Aged Care, 11.07.2017

In residential aged care facilities (RACFs), CRM and electronic systems have the potential to improve care delivery while reducing caregivers’ documentation load and increasing the time available for residents’ care. In Australia, our audit of the official aged care accreditation reports shows that about one-third of the RACFs that are accredited by the government have used electronic systems to support the management of residents’ records and delivery of care.

CRM Data Warehousing Process Map NDIS and Aged Care small
CRM and Data Warehousing for NDIS and Aged Care, 30.06.2017

Data mining is a powerful, new and emerging technology with great potential in an information system. It can be best defined as the automated process of extracting useful knowledge and information including, patterns, associations, trees, changes, trends, anomalies and significant structures from large or complex data sets that are not classified like the My Aged Care.

Patient Portal to access Electronic Health Record Icon
Patient Portal to access Electronic Health Record (PEHR), 14.02.2017

Over the last years we stepwise implemented our vision of a personal cross-enterprise electronic health record (PEHR) in the Rhine-Neckar-Region in Germany. The patient portal is one part of the PEHR architecture with IHE connectivity. The patient is enabled to access and manage his medical record by use of the patient portal.

“Be able to focus on personal interactions and services performance, not data maintenance.”
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