NDIS Software: Easy-to-Use Solution for Disability Service Providers.

Our NDIS software equips you with the ability to maximise your time, and boost your administrative efficiency. This enables you to nurture valuable relationships, effectively manage client records, streamline rosters and timesheets, maintain client data, automate the claiming and invoicing process, and establish workflows to support your entire team. Experience unrivaled client relationship management features that set us apart from the rest.


Monitor billable and non-billable

Monitor billable and non-billable hours with ease and see how teams are performing in real-time.


Complaint Management Solution

Responds to concerns, complaints and reportable incidents, including abuse and neglect of NDIS participants.


NDIS Reportable incidents

Registered NDIS provider must notify the NDIS Commission of all reportable incidents of NDIS supports or services.

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Role-based dashboard

Flowlogic’s interactive dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your business and guides management and service teams to measure and develop quality analytics for business reporting.


Track Financials in Real Time

Track your participant’s NDIS funding and budgets in real-time. Get a financial visual overview of your services with our smart statuses to monitor money and expiry dates of Service Agreements.


Customisable KPIs metrics

Customisable KPI dashboards widgets. Make insight-driven decisions based on KPIs and company metrics, data
storytelling, collaboration and beautiful action-based dashboards.

Need assistance with our Flowlogic Care Management setup? You will work with your assigned Implementation and Data Captain team to have your system up and running in twelve weeks or earlier. With our specialists in charge you are never left alone and to realise value quickly and choose longer-term engagements for more individualised services for your company.
The implementation graphic below outlines the twelve weeks timeline tasks.

ndis aged care implementation timeframe

Easily Manage Your Own Business


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Over 1B Revenue Generated

Flowlogic is a specialised ERP digital tool designed to assist service providers in managing their operations within the framework of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is tailored to the unique needs of NDIS providers to assist with various tasks, including:

Accurately forecast revenue based on historical trends Track billable and claimable hours against staff hours to identify gaps. Benefit from ongoing or one-time, targeted pre- and post-go-live services.

  • Participant Management:

    Keeping track of participant details, goals, and progress.

  • Claims and Billing:

    Generating and managing claims for services provided.

  • Compliance and Reporting:

    Ensuring your company complies with NDIS regulations and reporting requirements.

  • Scheduling and Rostering:

    Efficiently assigning staff to participants based on their support needs.

  • Financial Management:

    Monitoring budgets and funding allocations.

  • Documentation and Record-Keeping:

    Maintaining accurate records of services delivered.

Additional functionalities of our Flowlogic NDIS ERP system include:

  • Built-in NDIS price guides

  • Direct PRODA and PACE claiming

  • Real-time NDIS budget tracking

  • NDIS specific Scheduling and Rostering Rules

  • Collect NDIS specific Incident data

  • Feedback and Complaint System


Integrate with Your Favorite Software Applications

Office 365 integration

Edit your Microsft documents direct within Flowlogic and store it on our unlimited drive or you One-drive.

Finance application

MYOB Advanced, XERO, QuickBooks *, Keypay and Paycat.


PRODA, GOOGLE, Docu-Sign, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft 2-factor authentication.


AWARD Winning Software

Winner three times in a row from 2021 – 2023 of the Australian Enterprise Awards for Best NDIS, and Aged Care Software Solution.

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BEST NDIS AND AGED CARE SOFTWARE PROVIDER IN 2021/22/23 Winner of the Australian Enterprise Awards three years in a row 2021 – 2023 for Best NDIS, and Aged Care Software Solution.
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