Question: How do I find the right NDIS software package?

If you are new to the NDIS and want to become an NDIS Service Provider we recommend visiting the NDIS website for information. If you are an NDIS Service Provider or just about to become one please use the link in A. If you want to integrate with the current software you use eg. HR system etc B. If you would like to compare NDIS software vendors C got a link to a handy tool to download for free.

Answer: A. Currently, you can find a number of Australian software providers offering a set of functionality specific to the NDIA requirements. Please use our Google search link to find a list of NDIS software vendors.

Answer: B It will depend on which software requirements you have if you are looking for a one-stop-shop-solution or would like to integrate with the current system you use, please discuss with your IT department or contact an NDIS software consultant.

Answer: D Download the free NDIS Software Program decision-making tool available for Google Spreadsheet or in Microsoft Excel format. A scoreboard based on features you need for a one-stop-shop NDIS Software Program.