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Unlocking the Power of NDIS Data: Love Your Insights!

Importance of Data for NDIS Service Providers

The ability to analyse and act on data is increasingly important to NDIS Service Providers. The pace of change requires the Disability sector to be able to react quickly to changing demands in from participants and Government regulators conditions.

Data is essentially for disability services management software to collect the plain facts and statistics during the operations of a business. They can be used to measure/record a wide range of business activities – both internal and external. While the data itself may not be very informative, it is the basis for all NDIS reporting and as such incidents, participants, shift notes and financials status is crucial in business.

 In order to know about our interactions with the Government, NDIS services, participants and third parties, we need data.

NDIS Data processing to produce information

Data processing is, generally, “the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information.” For example: Roster Time tracking, track NDIA price guide or third party funded budgets, Finance and payroll reports etc In this sense it can be considered a subset of information processing, “the change (processing) of information in any manner detectable by an observer.”
The term Data Processing (DP) has also been used previously to refer to a department within an organisation responsible for the operation of data processing applications.

What is Data Governance for NDIS Service Providers

Data governance is a control that ensures that the data entry by any team member or by an automated process meets precise standards, such as a business rule, a data definition and data integrity.

Why Data Governance

NDIS software for providers to collect Data is a valuable and important asset to any NDIS Service Provider. Based on information from these data, you can make sound business decisions, which are essential for NDIA compliance, Service delivery management, Participant tracking and Financial growth. Such decision making can only drive growth if the underlying data are accurate, consistent and complete. The key to every NDIS Service Provider’s business (operations) success and excellence relies greatly on their “Data Management Policy”, commitment, investment and infrastructure in place.

Software for NDIS Service Providers

NDIS Service Providers business is based on complex data systems that combine information from a variety of data sources it doesn’t matter if you are a small or big NDIS Service Provider. NDIS software for providers, should also include NDIA API for bulk claim processing, SHAD Award interpretation, NDIS rostering analysis, and participant activities. With the exponential growth in data, it is increasingly clear that the NDIS management of these data poses a great challenge to NDIS Service Providers. Some NDIS Service Providers has these data stored in shared drives or resides in an archive managed by the IT department instead of using NDIS software for providers. NDIS companies providing care management to participants should invest in software for NDIS providers and control of their data.

Dangers in Lack of Data Governance

The major challenge faced by many NDIS Service Providers today is the inability to implement a good data-governance policy and to implement NDIS software for providers. As result, they face the risk of losing sensitive data and not being compliant with Government regulators.


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Importance of Data Governance

To the NDIS Service Providers data governance is very important and should be a must have. The benefits of Data Governance real-time accurate Financial reports and will assist with cost and time savings, reduced man-hours and most of all data security and control. Disability Service Providers that implement specific NDIS software for providers with a solid data-governance policy thrive better in this fast changing environment and will reach new heights in participant outcomes and service management. Finally, the ability to safeguard their assets preserves knowledge and allows knowledge sharing across the NDIS Service Provider for improved decision making. 

NDIS software for small or bigger providers like Flowlogic ensures a level of efficiency, transparency and compliance that saves time and money while facilitating business objectives and enabling meaningful participant outcomes.
Flowlogic unlocks the power of your NDIS data by making it easy to create interactive dashboards and compelling reports from a wide variety of sources, driving smarter business decisions. Over 200 NDIS Service Providers are using Flowlogic and please take the time to read our Google reviews submitted by our clients.

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