FlowCare Software Program is designed specifically for Australian Aged Care Service Providers

Cloud-based solution for NDIS, Commonwealth Home Support Programme, HACC, Flexible care, Residential and Home Care with easy and convenient access anywhere, anytime, mobile-ready and on any platform.

FlowCare Home Care Software is a web-based health data management solution for Australian Aged Care Service Providers of all sizes. It ensures compliance and includes claims management, decision support, electronic statements, data management, client records, client scheduling and reporting. The software is mobile optimised and works great on tablets and smartphones to make access possible anywhere. Effectively manages the entire agency including national or regional companies with multiple locations.


Empower your customers by implementing a self-service portal!

Our self-serviced customer portal enables you to provide a highly personalised, interactive service on the Internet.

FlowCare Aged Care connect family and client to a self-service portal, provide transparency by giving everyone access to care plans and other important information. A two-way messaging system also helps to quickly fill open shifts and communicate with staff in the field.

Our self-serviced mobile ready customer portal, enables you to provide a highly personalised, interactive service on the Internet. Your customers will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, submit support issues and to schedule appointments. With an open line of communication and a range of self-service options, you’ll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention.

FlowCare Home Care can be tailored to specific business objectives. For example, the software also includes Foster Care related forms such as Child Safety Officer, Enquiry Referral Intake and Stakeholder details. All these forms can be tailored to your organisation, whether it’s under the Aged Care, National Disability Insurance Scheme, Employment Services, Foster Care or other government or non-government programs.

Convert to paperless Electronic Health Records (EHR’s)

The entire home health industry is being subject to convert to paperless Electronic Health Records (EHR’s). The advantages going paperless are countless and FlowCare Home Care will give you an amazing advantage over your competition.





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Cloud Based

FlowCare Home Care is a cloud-based software and is accessed via a web browser. This means that you can work form anywhere, as long as there is internet connection, be it on desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Three tier sign off

FlowCare Home Care has a comprehensive tracking system which keeps track of who logged in last, what changes were made and it even saves all previous version of a file or document. 

NDIS Ready

FlowCare Home Care is the most comprehensive cloud-based software for service providers of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The software includes many features and lets you work completely paperless.