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We Provide Award-Winning NDIS Software in Adelaide

Australia has experienced pertinent changes regarding the funding for health and mental health services from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). There’s a new way for clients to access support funding that allows them to control their selection of service providers. As a provider, you require NDIS software in Adelaide to efficiently manage clients and staff. With data storage and complete case files on the system, the process of working with your clients is less complicated. Several companies offer NDIS software in Adelaide, but only datanova can claim to have won an award for our software that is specific for the NDIS and aged care.

Benefits of NDIS Software Solutions in Adelaide

As an Australian disability service provider, the requirements of your organisation are unlike those in ordinary industries. To be compliant with NDIS regulations, you must have access to an appropriate, technologically advanced software system for records and operations management. The system must be entirely personalised and offer instant information regarding every participant. Traditional software won’t meet your needs or help you add value to the care and services you offer your clients. We’re aware that you require a set of tools to make your and the client’s life better while increasing the efficiency of the business.

  • Our NDIS CRM software in Adelaide allows you to store all your clients’ records in one location. Just a few clicks, and you can access a broad spectrum of information such as medical history, personal data, family history, case notes, photographs, home risk assessment and much more. Your staff can save time using FlowCare instead of searching physical file cabinets for documents that they’ve probably misplaced.
  • While your goal is to provide the best possible service to your clients, you require a dedicated team to assist. When you’re using the best NDIS software in Adelaide, the system allows you to manage your employees easily. You can track elements such as qualifications, training, background checks, along with significant expiration dates. Furthermore, you can keep your finger on the pulse by inspecting their performance through appraisals, reports of accidents and complaints, which you can access at any time in any location. FlowPoint allows you to schedule workers for shifts and approves their leave requests in one space instead of using multiple programs.
  • Implementing efficient accounting software is critical to an organisation. We’ve integrated the accounting elements into our NDIS software which provides you with a comprehensive solution. It allows you to review, print or export NDIS statements while summarising the support systems for each client. A sorting filter is available, displaying the data according to your preference which includes date, participant, NDIA cluster or funding stream.

Tips to Choose NDIS Plan Management Software in Adelaide

With multiple software providers available around the country, you have to consider the platform you select for your organisation carefully. To assist you with the decision, we’ve listed some key features that you should look for in NDIS Support Coordination in Adelaide.

  • Your NDIS software solution should be accessible. Ideally, you want your staff to access the platform from any location regardless of the time. Consider device compatibility and a simple interface to ensure your employees can use the software to its full potential.
  • Storage is a critical factor for your data management. The software should provide a storage system in the cloud, which ensures that your files are safe, and you can access them at any time. Easy data transfer and continuous data monitoring are also crucial which you can enjoy by using FlowLogic.
  • Find a software system that other service providers recommend. Similar to selecting a contractor for a project, you must conduct your due research to determine if their positive reviews outweigh the negative. Before you decide on a provider, compare the various offers, and evaluate those against your requirements.

Why datanova is Cost-Effective

We’ve been offering our services for over 11 years and are easily the preferred provider of NDIS CRM software systems. Our industry recognised the work we have done by giving us the award for Best NDIS and Aged Care Software at the 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards. We’ve achieved this by continually pursuing relationships with our clients and learning more about their operations and requirements.

Allow us to do the same for you; simply contact us, and we’ll advise you on the best software for your organisation.