NDIS Software Brisbane

NDIS Software for all Brisbane Service Providers

datanova provide cloud-based solutions that effectively minimise administration costs, maximise service deliverables, and provide our users with a complete view of their clients, allowing them to remain compliant and up to date with today’s market. Our solutions for NDIS, My Aged Care, Jobactive, and Social Services in Australia ensure that organisations have software systems in place that can be easily upgraded or updated. You can include additional services, changes to programmes, new regulations, and new market opportunities. Our flexible solutions guarantee flexibility and that your organisation will remain compliant. We have worked closely with over 100 National Disability Insurance Scheme service providers to develop a complete solution to provide the best NDIS software to all Brisbane and Australian NDIS service providers.

Benefits of our NDIS Client Management System in Brisbane

datanova have spent three years working closely with more than 100 NDIS service providers to develop NDIS compliance software for Brisbane service providers working with the NDIS, My Aged Care, Jobactive and Social Services. Our system is cloud-based, making it suitable for users on the road visiting clients or those who work remotely or in a paperless environment.

  • We look at each client’s existing requirements and ensure we fully understand their needs and their customer’s needs before starting any development work. Our disability services management software for Brisbane is run on our FlowLogic cloud solution, making it possible to access your system from anywhere, at any time from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Our FlowLogic system has allowed us to develop an end-to-end client management system that delivers staff and client management and tracking and reporting on budgets and goals that assist with making effective operational and financial business decisions to minimise admin costs and maximise service deliverables.
  • Our system is user-friendly and allows users to record and upload information to the relevant government portals.
  • We understand that no two businesses are alike, which means their software requirements will not be the same. Our software solutions are highly customisable and provide our clients with a lot of flexibility without code changes.

What You Can Expect from datanova Regarding NDIS Software Solutions for Brisbane

We offer flexible end-to-end software solutions for businesses with our customisable and integrative FlowLogic, FlowCare, FlowPoint, and Flow CRM software. Our solutions are cloud-based, allowing you and your staff to work anywhere and from any mobile device with Internet connectivity. We focus on developing fully integrated solutions for the NDIS, Aged Care, Jobactive, and Social Services providers.

  • Our software solution for NDIS and aged care service providers include the following functions: staff and human resources administration, consumer administration, budget tracking, roster scheduling, approval-based workflows with task allocations, and a consumer service portal.
  • When we roll out a client’s new system, we provide onsite in-person training and digital training sessions designed to suit our client’s requirements.
  • We offer our clients ongoing support and a digital business solutions architect who is available to assist with support issues, as is our helpdesk.
  • Our software keeps a comprehensive track of activities such as which users logged in and when, changes made, and version history of files and documents. Our hosting facility is safe, secure, and compliant and has several IT standards that are met to ensure our client’s data is not compromised.

What Sets datanova Apart Regarding NDIS Plan Management Software for Brisbane?

Many other software packages only offer a fixed functionality system which requires you to purchase other software packages to fill the gap. This gap creates extra administrative work if the systems cannot integrate or more costs to have development done to integrate the software packages. Our extensive work with many NDIS service providers has allowed us to develop a one-stop-solution for all disability service providers, making our software the best NDSI software in Brisbane.

  • Our standalone business application offers collaboration and communication tools, a self-service portal for clients, employee roster scheduling, National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) bulk claiming, and invoicing.
  • Our software allows users to draw various reports, print them and export them. The system generates reports that summarise the support items for each client. The filtering options allow you to categorise the data by date, participant, NDIA cluster, or funding stream. The system also generates reports that allow you to analyse the NDIS service breakdown and available funding as needed, as well as reports on different programmes, sites, locations, and performance. Reports can be specific to provide the user with the information relevant to them.
  • With all information stored in one central database, the data extracted for all reports and dashboards is accurate as the system is not extracting information from different databases, which could result in system errors or some information disappearing into cyberspace.
  • Our software provides your business with tools to assist with NDIS support coordination so that Brisbane service providers to disability organisations and schemes can operate optimally.

Fast Facts About our NDIS CRM Software for Brisbane

A CRM system helps businesses streamline their processes, build customer relationships, increase sales and profitability, and enhance customer service. Our CRM software enables NDIS service providers to build strong and profitable business relationships with their clients. Our CRM software offers several features such as NDIS compliant data collection forms, dashboard widgets, role-based permissions, business intelligence, financial and operation reporting, property management, and maintenance. Contact us and let us show you how your organisation can benefit from our cloud-based development solutions.