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Keep it all Together with NDIS Software in Perth

All organisations that deliver a service to disabled patients must revert their data to The National Disability Insurance Scheme through NDIS software in Perth. Trust the Winner of the 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards for Best NDIS and Aged Software to provide you with software that will benefit your organisation as much as the NDIS and your patients.

What You Need to Know About NDIS Support Co-ordination in Perth

datanova provides you with the Cloud solutions to run an integrated system for improved efficiency, simplicity, and data management. Our NDIS software is a comprehensive solution that includes many subsections, each with its benefit:

  • Case management. It doesn’t matter if you work in mental health, counselling, disability support, residential, aged care or education, our system can benefit you when you need data on one patient or need to provide a comprehensive report to the NDIS.
  • On the Cloud. Everything will be on the Cloud, you can upload any scanned documents, photos, and audio files to the software for easy access for anyone assigned to that specific case. This makes it easy for mobile use and access on the go for staff and patients alike.
  • Streamlining the patient management process gives other sectors insight into the work of another and real-time updates of schedules, point of care and finance solutions.

The goal of our NDIS plan management software in Perth is not only to make the management of patient data easier on your staff, but it also makes for flawless submission to the NDIS.

Questions to Ask Regarding NDIS Software Solutions in Perth

Any admin via online software means one less step for your staff to do and less room for human error to occur. Overall, your patients will have accurate feedback from the care providers, and your stakeholders in the process will have access to the same, correct information on their mobile devices. Here are some of the most common questions our clients ask:

  • It this safe? Part of our software includes HR and payroll management for the NDIS to discern how much time and money is spent on such services and where wastages occur. We utilise FlowLogic that offers robust, secure networking facilities to safely store any claims, staff rostering and internal purchasing details.
  • How does it benefit my staff and clients? Our software keeps track of any activity on a profile. When a document was uploaded, by whom, and if a new version replaced it. Your patient can also log on and access their profile to look for any updates and support, putting them in control of their health.
  • How will this help in staff morale? Our self-service, single point of access software, FlowPoint offers more to your staff in the form of motivation. You can build a close-knit team through a point or badge system where everyone is involved and share rewards and praise on the system, ensuring better output and client engagement.

About datanova

With over 11 years’ experience, we have come to know and understand the best NDIS software in Perth form a user as well as service provider point of view, and we have developed an integrated, single point of access system to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

If you wish to know more about our software’s intricate details and what the different packages involves, feel free to contact us.