Cloud based social media site for people with disabilities

Datanova brings digital dreams to life by creating a cloud based social media site for people with disabilities.

At the recent National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Conference in Brisbane, Datanova’s Founding Director Christian Krauter undertook sponsorship for one of the Digital Dreams presenters, Alanna Julian, in her quest to create a cloud based social media site for people with disabilities.

Datanova attended the three-day conference in an effort to promote their cloud-based FLowLogic Software and to meet industry specialists. A key component of the conference was the Digital Dreams Stream, where people with disability have the opportunity to present their ‘digital dreams’ or aspirations to a panel of technology experts.

Alanna’s StoryGrowing up, Alanna much preferred to use technology as a way to go online and make friendships with people who had either the same or similar intellectual disability as her. “I have made lots of different friendships over the years and we have been through so much together. We have been through the good times, the bad times, the hard times and milestones” Alanna says.

NDIS Conference Brisbane 2015

Alanna Julian presenting her idea for creating a cloud based social media site for people with disabilities at the NDIS Conference in Brisbane

For people with intellectual disabilities like her, they have understood each other, they have shown empathy for each other and have supported each other in being in a similar situation and with similar life experiences.

This got her thinking of something to combine not only a chat program for people with disabilities to make friendships, but also a way for people with disabilities to access their community in making friendships with people in their local area. Also finding out about activities for people with disabilities in their local area and even the opportunity of posting events for people with disabilities within their community.

This is where Alanna came up with the idea of (initially named Community Friends) which she presented at the NDIS Conference in Brisbane in October 2015.

The Digital Dream

As with any social media site, it needs to be about the people, which is why Datanova were so excited to offer a suitable cloud based solution. is a site that enables people with disabilities a range of social media options to allow them to meet and interact with other people with disabilities, nationwide. offers a safe online environment without the pressure of mainstream social media sites ensuring a pleasant and interactive experience. It is a place where people can connect, meet new friends, share photos, videos, jokes, stories and join or create live and online events.

Realising the dream
In collaboration with Alanna, Datanova set out to host, design and develop keeping in mind accessibility and ease of use. The site has its own identity with a freshly designed logo and colours that are user-friendly for people with colour blindness.
The site is a safe, non-discriminate environment that is designed for and by people with disabilities.
When users will be able to sign up for free and interact nationwide enabling fluid and interactive communications without barriers.
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