Data Migration: Prosim Alternative

Prosim Data Migration

Flowlogic is an alternative solution to Prosim and is a set of products that addresses the entire complexity of a platform to the platform migration process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment.

We support Australian Service Providers migrating a Prosim database including roster or schedule, participants or consumer data files. Other essential factors to consider when investigating alternatives to Prosim include your data analysis and user interface.

Whatever the number of services your database holds that you currently use in your Prosim database, you can rely on the skills of our teams to determine the best solutions to your process problems.

Solutions for a Prosim data migration

We have compiled a list of solutions for a Prosim data migration. Our Prosim to Flowlogic solution was voted the best overall alternative. The Datanova Prosim migration team will provide you with professional and practical assistance throughout the transition phase to smooth the change. Furthermore, our Flowlogic software is very intuitive and easy to use, so your users are able to adapt very quickly.

For many years we have been migrating data from all major platforms like Prosim to Flowlogic, and integrating all data models. In addition, our Software Engineers use a set of very comprehensive tools that makes it easier to perform complex exports to Flowlogic without losing data integrity.

Prosim Alternative Flowlogic

CRM for Consumer and Participant management under NDIS and Aged Care

At the core of the system is CRM for NDIS Participants and Aged Care consumer management, to build profitable business relationships with their clients to ensure steady revenue generation. The advantage is that all critical functions and processes are in one central database, and it can instantly deliver personalised insights of the company’s performance tailored to each user’s need—be it CFO, controller, CEO, team leader, manager, support staff or SLA manager. Because all reports and dashboards extract data from a single, centralised data repository, the multiple versions of the truth that your employees currently obtain from disparate systems and spreadsheets are eliminated.

Consumer and Participant management software features:

  1. Compliant forms for data collection
  2. Consumer and Participant Management, Goals and Outcomes monitoring
  3. Service Agreement Management, Incident Management, NDIA price list management, Service Catalog
  4. Integrated price list, Roster Scheduler, Service Catalog
  5. Dashboard Widgets, Satisfaction Surveys, Role-based permissions
  6. Business Intelligence, Financial and Operational Reporting
  7. Property management, Property Maintenance, Property Sundries