Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) explained and the importance for our environment. It brings a whole new paradigm for companies and industries to take advantage of the cloud and Internet. We cover its trends, developments, opportunities and challenges and IoT and cloud computing.

Internet of Things (IoT) can significantly improve quality of life for the surging number of elderly people. Wearable devices that detect a host of health problems, potentially before they even occur, and immediately administer life-saving drugs or deploy emergency responders with detailed information.Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping human life with greater connectivity and ultimate functionality through ubiquitous networking to the cloud and Internet. It will be more personal and predictive and merge the physical world and the virtual world to create a highly personalised and often predictive connected experience.
One of the main concerns that the IoT has to address is privacy. The most important challenge in convincing users to adopt emerging technologies is the protection of data and privacy. Concerns over privacy and data protection are widespread, particularly as sensors and smart tags can track users’ movements, habits and ongoing preferences.
Despite these challenges, the stage is set for all manner of new ‘things’ to be connected to the internet and each other and to start providing usable data in years to come. In fact, there’s every reason to think it won’t be long before there are more connected things than people on our planet.

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