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Datanova introducing a digital engagement solution for the service industry to enable a plan engagement strategy. Companies focus is on the client, data and BI business intelligence and analytics. This will change the industry over the next three years and the challenge is that many aren’t measuring the performance of digital channels well enough.
Data and BI business intelligence tools are forecasted to be the number one trend to shape the industry over the next three years. Understanding the complexity of individual transactions and the context of customer behaviour over multiple contacts and channels, is mission critical. Organisation can address customers’ issues, shape their experiences, and enrich the engagement, creating greater value for both parties.
Add to the mixture a UC Unified Communications system and it will change the way you do business and help you address your business challenges. The attached slide show starts with the challenges that businesses face today. Focus on those challenges and with the help of the combination with technology that is creating my vision of the BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SOLUTION CENTRE.
The BUSINESS COMMUNICATION CENTRE will reduce costs and will increase efficiencies and productivity, doing less with more to improve the bottom line. And fact is that research shows the digital engagement will overtake voice-based contact within two years. Why? Because customers demand it.
Wikipedia says:
“UC potentially includes the integration of fixed and mobile voice, e-mail, instant messaging, desktop and advanced business applications, Internet Protocol (IP)-PBX, voice over IP (VoIP), presence, voice-mail, fax, audio video and web conferencing, unified messaging, unified voicemail, and whiteboarding into a single environment offering the user a more complete but simpler and more effective experience.”

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