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Mobile workforce solution

Looking for a mobile workforce solution? Learn about FlowLogic: a sophisticated cloud solution that will help the mobile worker improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients. FlowLogic is 100 per cent mobile ready. This allows you to work from anywhere – on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
FlowLogic consistently delivers quantifiable value for customers by:

  • Increasing productivity – this is done by streamlining workflows and eliminating manual paperwork for mobile workers
  • Helping businesses save money – FlowLogic helps identify ways to better understand and reduce costs
  • Increasing customer engagement – thanks to configurable industry forms that capture key information
  • Helping get businesses up and running quickly – there is no expensive hardware to buy with FlowLogic. And fast deployment means businesses are using the software in a matter of days.

A mobile business solution

With FlowLogic critical customer contact and relationship information can be managed on a handheld device while out of the office. It’s an easy-to-use system that also features:

  • Centralised request management
  • Comprehensive custom services
  • Instant access to services and products
  • A simple catalogue interface
  • Full service descriptions, SLAs pricing and service level options.

FlowLogic’s location-based applications deliver savings and efficiencies. Businesses who use location-based applications report:

  • A reduction in overtime by 13.4 per cent
  • A reduction in fuel costs by 13.2 per cent
  • A reduction in kilometres travelled by 19.2 per cent
  • An increase in fleet productivity by 27.4 per cent
  • An improvement in workforce utilisation by 26.1 per cent
  • An improvement in service response times by 23.8 per cent

Mobile workers often experience frustrations when managing clients – they are often not able to access customer contact information when out of the office. Because they must take notes and then enter these details into the database later, inaccuracies and gaps in customer relationship records can occur. Access to up-to-date customer relationship information while out of the office is also limited. Given the lag in updated customer relationship data, ineffective communication between team members is also an issue.

FlowLogic solves these problems and more:

  • FlowLogic is designed for small to large businesses.
  • It is a horizontal solution. This means users across a range of industries and markets with different needs and skills can use it.
  • FlowLogic is a range of solutions that delivers a high-quality, fully scalable, integrated cloud solution.

mobile workforce solution

FlowLogic features

Mobile jobs solution

  • Access accurate and current FlowLogic data anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. View your contacts, calendar items, notes, histories, and activities, and call and email contacts on your handheld device. FlowLogic data is stored directly on your handheld device and synced automatically so your data is always up-to-date.
  • Update FlowLogic data directly from your handheld device. Enter contacts, schedule activities and tasks, and log notes and histories for emails with automatic time-stamping on your handheld device. Save time and take case notes directly in Handheld Contact.

A win for business

FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution enables employee collaboration and data sharing. With FlowLogic your business can manage privileges for multiple users. There is the facility to centrally monitor and change sync settings, and add an unlimited number of users. Each user’s sync settings can also be customised.
Because FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution increases employees’ contacts, time with customers, and time in the field, it increases productivity. With FlowLogic data syncing directly onto their handheld devices, employees aren’t dependent on the office. FlowLogic easily integrates with existing infrastructure and is easy to install and use. FlowLogic is a secure, fully hosted solution using patent-pending technology with all the IT syncing infrastructure a business needs.
FlowLogic also makes costs predictable by ensuring businesses pay only for the users it needs, with a subscription model to accommodate a changing business. Free product upgrades and notifications, installation support, and access to toll-free and online technical support are also features.

Life before and after FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution

In an office without FlowLogic, customer relationship data was updated only when the mobile worker updated the database at the office. With FlowLogic, this data is updated throughout the day. With more accurate records, the user is better informed.
Mobile workers traditionally took notes throughout the day and updated when they returned to the office. They had no access to up-to-date records while mobile. With FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution, the worker records throughout the day on a handheld device. CRM data is accessible, accurate and up to the minute. This means the worker saves time, is better informed and has better contact relationships.

Don’t get left behind

FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution has proved itself time and again. The accelerated adoption of mobile SFA (sales force automation) around the world has now begun. Businesses want timely collaboration between field sales and sales management, access to virtual real-time content, and reduced downtime for field sales reps. Around the world, businesses are acquiring mobile SFA solutions, or preparing to do so.
Handheld Contact users report an average time savings of 2.5 hours per week. It’s easy to see a return on investment with SFA solutions.

Is your business ready for mobile jobs management? Ask yourself:

  • Is your business using a contact or customer relationship management solution?
  • Does your mobile workforce have access to up-to-date contact relationship data?
  • Do you have a solution to ensure accurate CRM records?
  • Does your mobile workforce have the ability to update the CRM database while away from the office?
  • Are your team members easily able to maintain accurate contact records?

If you answered no, FlowLogic might be the solution for you.

Why you need FlowLogic

It is challenging for today’s mobile employees to keep track of job expenses, and filling out paper forms takes time. Constantly checking in with the office and manually capturing client and job information take them away from their real jobs. FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution changes that. Mobile timesheets and expense forms save time and hassle, mobile job management and updates streamline work processes, and mobile forms make it easier and faster to capture accurate data. This leads to better productivity, streamlined work processes and improved moral.
Businesses and services with a mobile work force also face challenges. Not being able to track where their employees affects customer service, and manually assigning and updating jobs slows productivity. Without access to job details it’s also difficult to make operational decisions. With a web management application, a user can confirm service delivery of mobile employees, assign and update jobs instantly to mobile employees, and receive real-time alerts about job details. This ability to track employees and communicate accurately with them improves customer service. Managers can be alerted if a job is taking too long or other situations arise that need attention. While access to real-time data results in better decisions that help reduce costs and increase job productivity and output, and electronic timesheets ensure accuracy and reduce administration time.

FlowLogic Mobile Workforce Solution is easy to learn

  • The intuitive user interface is easy to use
  • A project manager is assigned for orders with five or more handsets to help ensure your success
  • Full training program and materials are provided
  • Progressive, self-paced online training is available for operations and dispatch personnel
  • Telephone support is available 24/7, 365 days a year

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