Datanova local presence in NZ

Please let me take the opportunity to introduce Chris and I welcome him to the team. He is a remarkable man with true values, exceptional knowledge and impressive achievement. d your dedication and enthusiasm for your job. (Picture top Left to right: Matthew and Ben with Chris in the chill-out lounge at the offices brain storming or just enjoying the day with a giggle).

We are pleased he will be joining us as to support strong business in New Zealand with a local presence to produce a division on the ground to anticipate your continued excellent work. At the three weeks of orientation at our offices in Queensland, he successfully mastered his Datanova Digitial Business Solution Architect cert. and his dedication and enthusiasm for his job. We are proud of his achievements and New Zealand will greatly benefit, with his knowledge brushed up and polished about the New World, your organisation can be prepared with a ‘business as usual attitude’ Chris can help to support aged care and disability services.

Please call Datanova on 1300 552 166 and email Chris directly to book your complimentary Webinar.

What I’ve learned is crucial for NZ business and is about the importance of that transition which is yet to come in New Zealand. It is the seriousness of getting one fact right where for every hour of service, you must raise an invoice for that time. And with a maximum of 14% administration fee you won’t have much room to move and sufficiency here is the golden key. Chris identified 6 strategic important key points he will take back to NZ and to assist business to be a successful champion company.

Goals to facilitate the efficient, effective and equitable use of the software to ensure the sustainability of ’strategic objectives,
Simplicity for your team to understand and manage without the need to expensive resources,
Scalable – The ability to rapidly upscale services on demand and reduce unused capacity,
Efficiencies – using a modern software to predict the future to gain efficiencies,
Integrated – effective linking of internal communication
Portable – ensure flexibility that in the raise of the mobile workforce – one system many users. We are pleased that Chris joined us and I look forward to give local support to all my New Zealand based partners to strengthen and build long strong association with all of you. Therefore, if you are a New Zealand service providers and you got questions or needs, look no further than the borders of your neighborhood Chris is here to help and happy to get your call. Please call a Datanova Digital Business Solution Architect on 1300 552 166 and book your complimentary Webinar or alternatively send an email to Datanova. You can book a webinar straight from our booking form here and we will get back to you shortly.