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NDIS Service Providers should develop a Roster of Care (RoC) using the Assistance with Daily Living price limits to help the NDIA decide the type of support to be included in a participant’s plan. The NDIA has developed a Provider SIL Pack that includes the tools and templates to use and to develop the participant’s Roster of Care (RoC) and supporting documents. The RoC is a critical document that helps participants, providers and the NDIA determine the type and level of supports a participant requires NDIS funding for. Does your current internal roster application allow you to design an RoC for your support staff to supplement the approved document?

NDIS Roster of Care (ROC) software solution

Datanova understands the requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Consumer Directed Care (CDC). Use Flowlogic’s roster to efficiently manage and schedule your RoC support staff. Flowlogic is one system to intelligently manage all data about your organisation, including RoC matching the right worker to the right job and the right facility.

Flowlogic now includes a Roster of Care with a supported visually graphical interface to describe the support a participant will receive get during a typical week.
Our Roster of Care will show how many support staff and housemates the participant needs. In NDIA lingo this is called your support ratio. The Roster of Care lists the times and days you need this support. Our RoC also list times when you don’t need SIL support. This includes time spent with family or friends, on holidays, at work or time spent at a day program.

Highlights of Flowlogic’s Roster of Care (ROC) Features

  • ‘Staff Availability’ and ‘RoC’ can be set to 1, 2 or 4-week cycles, from any start date
  • Roster Manager can toggle a ‘once-off’ edit for Staff to change their availability
  • New Chart when editing shift, Shift Availability Overview
  • The chart shows interactions for Availability and RoC
  • Interactions can be set to require an overriding reason
  • New Report ‘Availability Override Reasons’ with filters
  • Require a comment override for ‘Maybe Available” (on shift save)’ is set to Disable
  • Cycle Weeks copied from Claim Frequency
  • Show “Shift Availability Overview” when the editing shift, is set to Hide

Using the Roster of Care

Enabling the Roster of Care will assist you when managing shifts in the Roster. The service labels and colours in the painter can be changed and will be connected to billables.

The RoC painter (picture below) can be selected in the Roster from the main menu, filter to clients, and then click on the name of the person. The cycle can be changed in the roster settings and can be set to 1, 2 or 4 weeks and you can choose any cycle start date in the past.

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NDIS Roster of Care (ROC) software solution

The cycle can be changed in the router settings. It can be set to 1, 2 or 4 weeks and you can choose any cycle start date in the past. Be careful reducing the cycle size in the setting as old painter data can be lost. For example, two weeks changes to 1 week, the 2nd-week data will be blank if the Staff painter is changed for that staff. This is a minor, but worth noting.

When editing a shift, these will caution the manager from adding them outside their available time. When saving a shift with caution, you can enable a setting to request roster managers to add an override comment for both Unavailable and Maybe Available statuses. These comments can be reported in the reporting section.

Allow an Employee to ‘Edit their Availability’

You can now allow staff to edit their own availability as a ‘once-off’ update. Enable the toggle on the top right of the painter and press save at the bottom. This will give the Staff member a ‘once-off’ access to edit their Availability under My Profile. Once the staff has saved their changes, they will no longer be able to edit Availability under their ‘My Profile’.

While editing a shift, the above chart will appear in the top right. It will update live every time you change each client or staff. If the shift overlaps painted space on that period, a warning is triggered and it shows as a result icon on the right of the chart.

If the Roster of Care or Staff Availability is totally blank (not painted at all) it will ignore this row. If just the day is blank, yet there is a painted area on any other day, this will result in a shift error.

When saving the shift, you can prompt the Roster Manager to add an override comment for each shift error. This can be reported under Reports > Availability Override Reasons.

Provide updates on the time of arrival of care workers, info about appointments, bill tracking, and other valuable information directly to customers to stay transparent and compliant. Have industry-specific forms for support and care plan visibility, right in the palm of your hand. Take notes, report case notes, and capture surveys.

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