What is LAMP

LAMP is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP together and are the fundamentals of a LAMP web server. When you’ve finished reading the slide show, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the core concepts you need to understand a LAMP server and hopefully have a burning desire to continue learning and become a developer.
Linux is, in simplest terms, an operating system. It is the software on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator to access the devices on the computer to perform desired functions. Apache is running over 83.5 million Internet servers, more than Microsoft, Sun ONE, and Zeus combined at the time of this writing. Its flexibility, power, and, of course, price make it a popular choice. MySQL is the perfect choice for providing data via the Internet because of its ability to handle heavy loads, its advanced security measures and it ’ s easier to manage than some of the other open source database servers available. PHP is a server – side scripting language that allows your web site to be truly dynamic. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and its flexibility and relatively small learning curve make it one of the most popular scripting languages used today.
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