NDIS My Aged Care Employment ID Card

A cloud-based employment ID card build right into your Flowlogic that enables to issue digital ID cards for mobile devices. You can choose from our standard templates and we can customise the design for you, according to your cooperate branding, as well.

Our NDIS MyAgedCare ID card management system allows NDIS and My Aged Care organisations to use staff information and photos to create a secure online id card. With the Corna virus ID cards are becoming an additional aid for transparency.

NDIS MyAgedCare employment ID card management

Fraud and identity theft are on the rise and represents different risks for companies. That is why it becomes necessary to verify the identity of your employees. To add employment ID cards for NDIS and My Aged Care can improve your client relationship. In addition, customers are looking for reactivity and quality experience.

By using your Flowlogic employment ID card, your organisation can reduce administration costs. You can set expiration dates to your digital employment ID card set expire days via workflow to set date and time. Activated NDIS MyAgedCare ID cards can also be temporarily or permanently deactivated at any time. Or add expiration dates for temporary workers and interns.

You can set expiration dates to your digital ID cards which will make them automatically expire in the app when the set date and time arrives. Activited IDs can also be temporarily or permanently deactivated at any time.

Key features of Flowlogics online ID card management for NDIS or My Aged Care:

  • Self-service – employess to manage your own data (picture etc)
  • 24/7 access via the Internet
  • Upload files from your own system or enter manually directly into the online system
  • Restrict access through one system
  • Modular, configurable, customisable
  • Personalise the ID card software to meet your requirements
  • Update card holder data
  • Add more security