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Introducing an Advanced Cloud NDIS Case Management Software Solution

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What is effective case management? Case management is a process, encompassing a culmination of consecutive collaborative phases that assist clients to access available and relevant resources necessary for the client to attain their identified goals. Key phases within the case management process include: client identification (screening), assessment, stratifying risk, planning, implementation (care coordination), monitoring, transitioning and evaluation. Within the case management process the Case Manager navigates each phase of the case management process (as applicable) with careful consideration of the client’s individual, diverse and special needs, including aspirations, choices, expectations, motivations, preferences and values, and available resources, services and supports.

What is Advanced Case Management (ACM)?

Advanced Case Management (ACM) is a highly scalable platform (preferably in the cloud) that links and Optimises Content, Process and Compliance and can be accessible on any device such as Desktop Computers, Android Tablets, iPads and mobile smartphones and acts like an assistant.

Supports Multiple Platforms, Federation Services, Performance, Disaster recovery, Storage services and Content Connectors to integrate with existing legacy applications (Finance App, Intranet, other);

Wikipedia: The Case Management Society of Australia revised its definition of case management and claims to work with “a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s holistic needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.”

Based on a computerised literature review and analysis of existing models, we propose that a program or practice may be characterised as ‘advanced’ if it displays innovative behaviour on five possible dimensions: client, practitioner, organisation, model of service delivery, and/or attention to ‘quality assurance’.”

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NDIS Case Management Could Software Solution Concept Idea

What is Advantage of a (ACM)?

Meeting Compliance – Ensure electronic information is captured and managed in accordance to policies and regulations

Improve workforce effectiveness – Improve workflow Activates content in business applications and event driven decisions

Faster access to trusted content– Improve workforce effectiveness with faster access to trusted content in context

Managing Processes and Improve workflow Activates – Improve workflow Activates content in business applications and event driven decisions

Big Data explained

Flowlogic a Case Manager’s Virtual Assistant

The notion of the case manager is that of a knowledge worker who is empowered to provide a holistic solution for a citizen, based on the resources available across the government. In theory, the case worker can rely on state-of-the-art tools such as CRM, Business Intelligence (BI), knowledge management & collaboration, content & document management, and application middleware to access information and services from across government.

NDIS Case Management

Please for more information read our article Introducing the smart NDIS client management system

Trends in Case Management

Demonstrating & Improving Outcomes of Case Management

A. Proving the value of case management. B. Quantifying Case Management outcomes and successes by increased use of protocols and algorithms. C. Increasing focus on upgrading of Standards of Care in case management.

Consumer Directed Trends

A. The public is becoming more aware of the case manager as a possible source of help with service coordination. Consumers are “wondering” what the case manager can offer them or their family members. B. ƒThere is more communication to consumers regarding what/who and how to access NDIS services C. Growing Direct to Consumer Case Management.


A. Increasing web based case management and available services education. B. Developing in-house case management training due to lack of experienced case managers. C. Increasing difficulty in finding time for and resources to support case management education.

Growing need for more case managers

A. Recruitment of qualified case management personnel is intensifying. B. The ageing of Aussis and the Baby Boomers create a need for medically complex care and chronic disease management. C. The growing diversity of Australia creates a need for culturally diverse case managers.

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