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Flowlogic CRM and Case management software

Our FlowLogic, a highly sophisticated Cloud CRM and Case management system built and optimised for Australian Community Service Providers to stay compliant, competitive, productive and profitable. Service providers must establish an infrastructure to support the new Government requirements, or they may be subject to failure.
Your success is an important factor in the success of our company. Our cloud based software is designed to offer you accurate information about clients, company workflows, procedures, performance and education opportunities.

Please call a Datanova Digital Business Solution Architect on 1300 552 166 and book your complimentary Webinar or alternatively send an email to Datanova. You can book a webinar straight from our booking form here and we will get back to you shortly.

About Christian Krauter

The Founder of Datanova, a visionary and digital business solution architect with 24 years experience in the rapidly expanding fields ofinformation management systems, data governance and customer focused-strategy. Christian Krauter, is a recognised expert on analytical applications for Australian Government Services focused on improving client’s business results through cloud development, information management and data governance.