Customer Cloud Portal Self-service Solution

Cloud PORTAL for Customer Engagement & self-service

Datanova introduces ‘FlowPoint’ a cloud portal preloaded with functions to engage and self-service your customers. FlowPoint works and is optimised for FlowLogic our sophisticated Cloud CRM Solution, designed to address the needs of Australian Community Care organisations will help you improve outcomes, operate efficiently, and meet the expectations of today’s clients.
Clients will be empowered to exercise choice and control and access a wide range of mainstream and community-based support, both formally and informally. This will require greater connectivity, integration and collaboration between suppliers across all market segments.

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Customers only call if they can’t self-serve first
or if the inquiry is really complex…

57% of customers tried self-service on company websites before calling in
90% of consumers will always check a website first before emailing or calling
75% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer to use online support if it
were reliable and provided accurate and complete information

Why is customer experience important?

Customer experience is definitely making a difference in current market conditions and has a deep impact on longterm business success. According to a Forrester Research in 2015, 55% of consumers would pay more for a superior experience. To stay on top, business must listen to and accurately interpret the voice of their customers.

Implementing new processes and priorities, new ways of working, businesses are increasingly turning to customer experience software that enables organisations to listen and to study customer data, including CRM and transaction data and customer feedback like surveys, social media, online chat, and many others.

An Award winning combo enhances the customer experience

FlowLogic and FlowPoint is a powerful combination to improve client experience and service to ensure enduring relationships with clients. It will give each customer a unique, personal and preferred perspective of your business.

A award winning combo to transform key business processes through the use of Internet technologies to improve service to customers.

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Self Service Support Centre

Whether it is booking an appointment, checking status of previously changed appointments, FlowPoint self service cloud portal lets your clients do all of this from one single interface. It is your clients one-stop-shop for all support activities. Smart Approval Routing is a integrated, real time Service Management allowing to build truly automated end-to-end processes that help businesses focus on what matters most: making every customer relationship extraordinary.

Customer Cloud Portal Self-service Solution Workflow Approval Process

Workflow Approval Process

FlowPoint Customer Engagement & Self-service Key Points

All these key points will help you to improve the customer experience.:
  • Single point of access to integrated applications.
  • Better communication and collaboration.
  • More efficient processes and improvements.
  • Help make an organisation more competitive.
  • Better customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Lower cost by reducing the number of servers.
Mobile care is getting HOT – 73% of companies’ websites are “easily viewed on devices”;
yet only 4% provide “text for assistance”
Access FlowPoint on PC’s, Mac’s, Laptops, Tabloids or any Mobile device

FlowPoint a 24/7 self-service provides your clients with a single point of access via a web browser on any device to application, content, services and a personalised experience that will lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking & posting of transaction activity

Accurate, real-time view of account info & balances etc:

  1. Real-time account creation and data validation
  2. Web based Self registration and data collection 24X7
  3. Automatic service provisioning
  4. Powerful Back-end Admin Functions
Account Creation and Service Provisioning

Add appointments and define its times and a complete client details like Appointment Name, Appointment Time, Appointment Date, Patient Name, Patient Address and much more. Fix an appointment for the client from admin side.

Empower your clients with the self-service portal. Tracking progress of their requests besides information. Increase efficiency and reduce operational cost of your portal. The portal a single source of interaction with client applications, information, is the focal point for conducting day-to-day business.

Customer Cloud Portal Self-service FlowLogic-Dynamic-Appointments-Creation

Flowlogic a sophisticated CRM and Case Management Cloud Solution that will help you improve outcomes,
operate efficiently, and meet the expectations of today’s clients.
FlowPoint portal improve client experience and service to ensure enduring relationships with clients. A personalised experience that will lead to higher customer satisfaction.
Analysis of customer transactional data to help explain or predict behaviour.

Customer Cloud Portal Self-service lowPoint-Workflow-Customer-Scenarios

Manage content for a a truly personalised customer experience

FlowPoint is a powerful solution that allows you not only to manage content but also to build assets for web and mobile. Gives you a chance to directly affect your customers’ experience by assisting them via live chat, co-browsing or self-help. You deliver a truly personalised customer service regardless of large traffic. Feedback option can be added to in order to assess the performance of customer service teams and make sure that the voice of customers is heard and acted upon.

Feedbacks can gather customer feedback from various survey sources (web, email, phone) and sends you reports directly to your inbox. You can use the collected data to gather the voice of customers and act upon their suggestions.

Knowledge Base – Provide answers to customers, 24×7

Build in framework for Knowledge Base to help customers answer questions by themselves. Using the framework and building a self-service knowledge base increases teamwork and cooperation between your company and your customers. It helps customers find answers to their questions in the place most of them look first, the Internet. By empowering customers to solve their own problems, your company will save money.

By analysing Feedbacks and Survey data you can:
  • Provide customers with anytime, anywhere access to your knowledge base.
  • Auto-suggest solutions when a request is raised thus reducing workload on your staff.
  • Categorize group and tag solutions for easier access and quicker search.
By analysing Feedbacks and Survey data you can:
  • Learn how to improve the customer experience at specific touch points.
  • Understand what your customers want and expect you to do for them.
  • Make better decisions faster.

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There are 5 major steps in order to initiate a transformation

Why? Because the power has shifted from the brand to the consumer. The consumer has more power than they have ever had before.
But it’s not just enough to say it. If you’re product-centric or service centric, you actually have to go through a process. I like to keep things simple, and if you can’t actually take action, nothing is going to happen. This is the difference between thought-leadership and action-leadership.

Cloud Customer Experience Dashboards FlowLogic

About Datanova: Over the last 12 years Datanova has gained a wealth of experience working with various social service providers. All have varying requirements and localised approaches to executing and delivering care. Our collaborative approach to developing our cloud based data systems in conjunction with our end user community means we always evolve our systems with the direct input of the industry. Creators of FlowLogic a Case Management Solution for Social Services CRM.
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