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Cloud self-service portal takes service to a new level

Feedback from customers has shown there is a desire for chat functionality with e-commerce platforms. As a result we have introduced a new multi-channel customer feedback management offering. And we think this breadth and depth will really impress. We’re also kicking off some new work on the online customer experience with the introduction of the new self-service portal. This cloud customer portal is a really exciting new feature, which technology company Datanova has been planning and developing over the past several years. It will be available to the general market in August, and will continue to build out over coming releases.

A cloud customer self-service portal for everyone

Datanova’s FlowPoint is the first and only integrated, on-demand customer feedback management solution. The cloud solution offers many features, including:

  • The ability to capture feedback across all touch points. FlowPoint takes the customer’s ‘feedback fingerprint’ in real time. It features flexible, sophisticated and robust surveys. The cloud customer portal also offers complete feedback visibility with one shared knowledge repository.
  • It acts automatically act. In other words, it ensures feedback is immediately acted upon and routed correctly.
  • It features automates analysis. Organisations can achieve insight quickly by leveraging integrated analytics.
  • It is simple. Pre-built template with a consistent look and feel.
  • It has an intuitive wizard-like interface.

This mobile client portal solution is also fully integrated into Datanova’s product suite.

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Customer self-service offers valuable feedback

Email: Thanks to FlowPoint you can survey a broadly targeted audience via email invitation at a chosen time. Its transactional surveys automatically capture feedback over the web following an event, transaction, condition or customer action. This is typically targeted to one individual after a particular transaction.

Web: You can also survey individuals visiting a web page. That web page can be linked to from any source (such as a shopping cart). The feedback is secure and in context to the web page that it is linked to.

Voice: Conduct automated inbound or outbound surveys over the telephone with speech recognition. Route customer to the survey after a caller accesses a service or proactively solicit feedback with outbound voice surveys and automated dialling.

Chat: There is also the facility to gather valuable customer feedback on their online experience and chat effectiveness. Send surveys based on an event, such as a customer abandoning a chat session, or perform an anonymous survey at the end of a chat session.

FlowPoint’s build in chat feature

Why does customer self-service matter? When you self-service your customer you can gain a deep insight into the online customer experience and then act quickly on real-time customer sentiment for ongoing service improvement. It also allows for a better measurement of chat channel effectiveness.

Cloud and Web2: A changing consumer experience

Traditionally, the consumer learned about your products and services via a corporate website, traditional media and official FAQs. Now they are going to YouTube, Google Maps, MySpace, Wikipedia and online review sites such as PlanetFeedback.

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Web2 and the cloud has changed many things about the consumer experience. Here are some more:

  • Service is no longer just an after-sale issue – the service experience is an embedded, key element of the buying (and staying) decisions of today’s consumers.
  • Consumer-focused organisations are keen to infuse the service experience into their overall brand.
  • Consumer expectations are fluid – different today than they will be tomorrow. Organisations need to be able to react and adapt quickly to rapidly evolving consumer expectations.
  • Consumers increasingly interact with their favourite brands through digital mediums such as websites, video, pictures and podcasts and on their mobiles.
  • Consumers increasingly rely on other consumers to provide answers to their questions, and these conversations are happening whether a company wishes to engage or not.
  • To deliver a differentiated online customer experience, organisations must be able to tap these new online resources and media, wrap them into an overall brand experience, and be able to react and adapt quickly to rapidly-evolving consumer expectations.

Self-service portal demands more

According to a Nielsen poll, when it comes to who consumers trust, other consumers were the most trustworthy source of information. In fact, 78 per cent of those surveyed trusted consumers, while chats and discussion comments were the next most trusted, at 63 per cent. Of those surveyed, blogs and brand sites were trusted by 61 per cent and 60 per cent respectively. TV and magazines were 56 per cent, radio was 54 per cent, sponsorship 49 per cent, search ads 34 per cent and banner ads were 26 per cent.

What does it mean?

Self-service portal to deliver a differentiated online customer service experience, organisations must be able to:

  • Extend service knowledge beyond the ‘Help’ page
  • Tap these new online resources and media
  • Wrap it into an overall brand experience
  • Adapt quickly to rapidly evolving consumer expectations.

With FlowPoint you can leverage the power of the community and brand with:

  • Out-of-the-box best practices for online customer self-service
  • The ability to easily layer in brand elements to your support site
  • Flexibly add in (mash-up) Web 2.0 information resources your customers use and need to make informed decisions.
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Learn how a FlowPoint can help you:
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FlowPoint’s chat feature offers the ability to dynamically present a chat invitation to a consumer based on specific, definable circumstances. If an agent is available, the chat invitation is presented when:

  1. The consumer has been on the site for a configurable period of time, or
  2. The consumer has navigated through a configurable number of pages, or
  3. A set of consumer profile characteristics apply.
  4. Improves online self-service success and reduces live escalations
  5. Improves the customer experience by allowing consumers to opt in to agent assistance for service scenarios, and presenting the chat option only when an agent is available.

Self service portal for building relationships

The feedback component adds even more value to FlowPoint.

Feedback Survey by Proxy – this gives the agent the ability to take a survey on behalf of a contact. This lets an agent call a list of contacts, ask questions from a survey and fill in the answers on behalf of the customer. It also give a company the ability to enter the answers to a written survey on behalf of a customer, meaning all reporting is in one system.

Solution at the checkout – You can self-service your customers and keep them on your website for longer by helping with each and every web task. The company’s ‘cart abandonment’ rates will go down as your agents are able to guide the customer through the checkout process.

A cloud Self service portal solution for every problem

The increased complexity of technology has created huge volumes of service interactions populated by customers with low levels of patience and high levels of frustration. Companies are continually investing in technology – including cloud customer portals and mobile client portal solutions – to streamline problem diagnosis and resolution.

Customer engagement has never been more important than it is right now. The digital age has created customers that demand not just cloud solutions, but mobile client portal solutions and customer self-service capabilities. With FlowPoint you can self-service your customers in a way that just hasn’t been available before.

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