Gamification CRM Case Management Australian Non-Profit Market

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We examine Gamification, Customer relationship management and Case Management as a communication and customer engagement tool for non-profit organisations in Australia.

Data Warehousing & CRM for NDIS

CRM and Data Warehousing for NDIS and Aged Care
Data mining is a powerful, new and emerging technology with great potential in information systems. It can be best defined as the automated process of extracting useful knowledge and information from large or complex data sets that are not classified. The knowledge discovered by data mining techniques would enable NDIS and Aged Care Service providers ...

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Patient Portal to access Electronic Health Record (PEHR)

Patient Portal to access Electronic Health Record (PEHR)
Over the last years we stepwise implemented our vision of a personal cross-enterprise electronic health record (PEHR) in the Rhine-Neckar-Region in Germany. The patient portal is one part of the PEHR architecture with IHE connectivity. The patient is enabled to access and manage his medical record by use of the patient portal. Moreover, he can ...

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M-Health monitor NDIS progress

The increasing use of the smartphone, tablet and growing computational power show immense promise for improved mobile health technologies. One of the advantageous medical uses of the integrated camera within this intelligent system is that patients can scan, analyse and make regular examinations in any place. With using M-Health monitor NDIS progress and goal outcomes. ...

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Search engine marketing and business performance

Search engine marketing business performance
CRM as a marketing attitude Thanks to information technology and network development, e-business has become a new economic mode and has evolved to play an important role in people’s daily lives. This is especially evident with the rise of online shopping – more and more consumers are searching for information and ordering goods online. The ...

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Gamification marketing campaigns

Gamification marketing campaigns: What is gamification? Experts seem to agree that gamification relates to the use of game design in non-game environments. In the past few years, gamification concepts have been successfully applied to a variety of fields such as consumer products, education, idea competitions, citizen science and marketing. Goals of these applications include increasing ...

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Effective CRM systems: A marketing attitude

CRM as a marketing attitude Effective CRM systems, or customer relationship management, relates to the aspects of exchange that a business has with its customers. But CRM isn’t just a piece of software – it covers all aspects of an organisation which has a relationship with the customer. CRM examines how a business works with ...

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Self-service portal

Self-service portal
Cloud self-service portal takes service to a new level Feedback from customers has shown there is a desire for chat functionality with e-commerce platforms. As a result we have introduced a new multi-channel customer feedback management offering. And we think this breadth and depth will really impress. We’re also kicking off some new work on ...

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60 point checklist for launching e-commerce solutions

60 point checklist for launching e-commerce websites
Developing an e-commerce web site and the importance of testing before going live. 60 point checklist for launching e-commerce solutions test your site before going live A vital part of e-commerce web development and design is testing your site before it goes public. After all, you don’t want to publish a malfunctioning site that doesn’t ...

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