M-Health monitor NDIS progress

The increasing use of the smartphone, tablet and growing computational power show immense promise for improved mobile health technologies. One of the advantageous medical uses of the integrated camera within this intelligent system is that patients can scan, analyse and make regular examinations in any place. With using M-Health monitor NDIS progress and goal outcomes.

mHealth is unique in that it is both a technology and a means by which other technologies can be distributed or supported. As with Government programs such as NDIS or Aged Care there is opportunity for integrated and effective monitoring of progress and goal outcomes.

Around 26,000 of the population within Australia are going to be participants of the NDIS in 2018. One of the most desirable goals of the NDIS is to monitor and create the best ways to ensure participants are reaching their goals through checking and examining.

FlowPoint a self-service mobile client portal, where you can message your care team, request appointments and prescription refills, pay your bill. Review prescription medications and request prescription renewals and obtain health information and education related to test results, medications and diagnoses

And FlowPoint is a low-cost smartphone web based intelligent application that allows participants, NDIS and Aged Care providers to partake in regular examinations. We use a smartphone camera and an intelligent learning algorithm to build the online exams for goals set by the participant.

We built a system that uses a mobile device with a built-in camera, wireless network connectivity and intelligent analysis algorithms that will anticipate the outcome. A mobile personal training system that supervises physical activity and exercise activity. A mobile cloud computing solution for M-Health and NDIS services that uses mobile technologies for mobile monitoring of vital bio-signals relating to the participant show promising progress.

M-Health Monitor NDIS progress

M-Health Monitor NDIS progress

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Currently, there is no mobile health based NDIS goal analyser which monitors outcomes using mobile technology. This inspired Datanova to develop a novel M-Health solution for the NDIS and Aged Care providers a which distinguishes between goals and outcomes and monitors the participants via a client self-service portal.

An important work in the field of mobile health services and an intelligent mobile system is taking place in recent years by Datanova, due to the importance of M-Health to provide efficient and inexpensive health solutions encapturing advancements in mobile technologies. Few of them include pervasive health monitoring by wearable devices, a mobile health monitoring system and a ring sensor for blood oxygen level monitoring.

Imagine a fully functional feature-rich web and mobile application with a simple graphic user interface to analyse participants goals

Our system was designed to provide a fully functional feature-rich software application with a simple graphic user interface to analyse participants goals. The mobile device contained a strong capacity of processing to conduct classification of outcomes and monitor progress. However, the network algorithm is trained and tested on a computer using datasets of percentage state. Mobile intelligence for this analysis system allows for a substantial positive impact for those with disabilities as it enables to monitor goals and outcomes in-house.

The design of the self-service portal was developed and optimised for the use on a mobile smartphone device running Android or iOS.

M-Health monitor NDIS progress and goal outcome FlowPoint built for participants and providers

A cloud self-service customer portal for everyone Datanova’s FlowPoint is the first and only integrated, on-demand goals and outcome management solution. The cloud solution offers many features and is flexible, sophisticated and organisations can achieve insight quickly by leveraging integrated analytics.

It is simple. Pre-built goal and outcome templates and includes intuitive wizard-like interfaces. This web and mobile client portal solution is also fully integrated into Datanova’s product suite or can be used as a stand-alone online cloud solution.

M-Health monitor NDIS progress taking customer self-service to the next level

Feedback features that add even more value to FlowPoint:

Dynamic Survey Content – this gives the ability to personalise surveys. For example, the second question can be changed based on the answer to the first question. This capability keeps the participant on the portal for longer by assisting her with every task.

M-Health monitor NDIS progress: Conclusion

In conclusion, a mobile health application is presented for goals and outcome monitoring for the NDIS using commercially available smartphones. M-Health: Monitor NDIS progress, our application FlowLogic was designed and tested using on any mobile device.

The features of this system are :
  • Low-cost mobile solution
  • Used from any location
  • Report to the NDIS direct out of the system
  • Monitor any goals and outcomes
  • Participant can print certificates for goals well achieved
  • Keeps online record of all activities
  • Easy to use & no operating cost

The increased complexity of technology has created huge volumes of service interactions populated by clients with low levels of patience and high levels of frustration. Companies are continually investing in technology – including cloud based self sdervice customer portals and mobile client portal solutions – to streamline problem diagnosis and resolution. This also helps address the surge of phone calls, email and web chats.

Participant and client engagement has never been more important than it is right now. The digital age has created customers that demand not just cloud solutions, but mobile client portal solutions and customer self-service capabilities. With FlowPoint you can self-service your participant and client in a way that just hasn’t been available before.

M-Health Monitor NDIS progress

M-Health Monitor NDIS progress

Learn how we can help you with our self service portal for participants FlowPoint:
Speak to a Datanova Digital Business Architect on 1300 552 166.

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