Data Management System

Abstract Collection, processing, and long-term storage of data for broad-scale, collaborative client monitoring and management pose technical and administrative challenges that, if not properly addressed, result in suboptimal management and learning. Data from many cooperators, often spanning multiple organisations, must be efficiently centralised and processed, and must be consistent in content and quality over the lifespan of such projects. We present an NDIS data management system: a centralised, web-based platform for data entry and a connected relational database for data processing, modelling, and analysis. After the data management system has been customised to meet the needs of a specific project, operation and system maintenance require minimal external technical support, making it suitable for long-term projects that face potential staffing and budgeting constraints.

Keywords: Data Management System, Aged Care, CRM, quality data, customer relationship management, NDIS, My Aged Care.

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NDIS Aged Care Data Management System

The complexity of client and participant monitoring and management increasingly necessitates sharing data to improve the outcomes of management decisions. Such “distributed decision-making,” in which coordinated monitoring and decision-making responsibilities are shared among many staff members, often involves collecting, analysing, and storing monitoring data. Participating in such programs needs practical solutions for maintaining long-term data sets and obtaining timely decision support.

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In distributed decision-making environments, collection, analysis, and use of monitoring data from multiple collaborating parties often pose administrative challenges especially in rostering and handling claimable shifts. Flowlogic Software makes it easy to roster staff and manage NDIS claims and internal purchasing. FlowLogic ensures appropriate authorisation, allows management to track expenditure through its reporting system, and maintains a database of preferred suppliers. The system will integrate with NDIA systems and accounting software, ensures compliance, and is completely flexible to suit each organisation now and into the future. The intuitive calendar offers a customisable colour legend so you can easily schedule staff and track events such as training reminders, house meetings, basic details and activity schedules. Never forget blue card renewals or carer training as events and reminders are all in the one place. View by month, week or day and look back into last month’s or into next month’s calendar.

NDIS and Aged Care Data Management System

NDIS and Aged Care Data Management System to create a competitive Advantage

In developing this system, we prioritised ease of database maintenance and accessibility of stored data over the long term. The system facilitates online data entry and centralisation, rapid data analysis, and dissemination of results including situation-specific management action recommendations.

Flowlogic our sophisticated Cloud Solution that will help you improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients. Flowlogic our data management solution is hosted on an Amazon ECS cluster, where a default cluster is created for you and can also serve as a hub for communication and document sharing. An online database that performs analysis and archiving. We use FlowLogic for the NDIS data management system’s relational database.

Schematic of the NDIS and Aged Care data management system for client and participant resource monitoring and management. The coordinator administers the online database, team leaders perform management actions, collect monitoring data, and enter their data into an online database. The Flowlogic database imports data from any API-compatible online database performs archiving and analyses and generates results that are displayed on the dashboard. Workers retrieve results and use them to inform subsequent management actions.

Setup, Training and Customisation

Setting up the NDIS and Aged Care data management system requires involving key stakeholders with a working knowledge of the internal processes. We refer to such individuals as database team architects. A database team architect is not necessarily an IT professional or someone with a degree in computer science. In the case of FlowLogic we recommend, individuals from different departments e.g. finance, operational, team leaders and coordinators.

First, a project team explains project specifications, including Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements, to our qualified digital engineers and database team architect. Our digital database architect uses the information provided by the development team to implement an NDIS and Aged Care data management system that addresses service needs in a predominantly automated manner.

After the FlowLogic our NDIS and Aged Care data management system has been set up, the database team architect transfers system control, with accompanying documentation and user guides, to the team leaders and worker coordinators. The project coordinator oversees the subsequent operation of the data management system.

In the setup phase, the involvement of all project stakeholders is required. The skills necessary to set up and maintain the system may be sourced in-house or contracted out. We provide the costs for the development and maintenance of the data management systems to perform client analyses, allowing the reuse of code in some cases. However, each project has unique features that require some customisation of code in the setup development phase.

NDIS and Aged Care Data Management System

NDIS and Aged Care Data Management System to create a competitive Advantage

Before transferring system control to your organisation, the database architect must provide thorough documentation of both the online and local components of the data management system. Documentation of the online component consists of a systematic listing of validation rules and aggregation of all XML source files from the form-based interface of the data entry website.

Using foresight and building data management systems in a modular fashion allows permitted staff to change validation rules on fields, edit drop-downs, and make other changes to forms and basic system functions. Barring major changes (in which case involvement of a database architect may again be beneficial) there is minimal need for external assistance to operate and maintain the database in the long term. This saves time and costs associated with database administration.

Data management is critically important for long-term collaborative service and client monitoring and management because collected and processed data must be comparable throughout the lifetime of services to facilitate success. The key components of the data management system we describe are web-based, centralised data entry and connected relational databases that perform archiving and analysis. By providing a means to centralise standardised data across services, clients and administrative boundaries, the system promotes the collaboration necessary to obtain meaningful conclusions from service and client monitoring and management.


FlowLogic NDIS and Aged Care Data Management System

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