NDIS changed the volatile year for every Disability service provider in Australia, it seems. While the galaxy of company owners attention continues to reorganise around the NDIS, cloud-based software for the NDIS is also exerting influence that we are only now discovering. We should be living the golden age of data mining, chomping through seams of detail-rich information and pitching up diamonds of insight by the cartload. Focusing on the NDIS positive, I have selected six things I feel like could set the stage to be more efficient for Disability service providers in Australia.

NDIS Software Trends 2018 are Mobile Context-aware assistance, participants web portals, NDIS and Aged Care Service Directories, DSS, Roster Centered CRM Solutions and micro-communities. Collect data and gain insight across multiple systems to enhance participant/client outcomes and to achieve a competitive advantage and long-term gain industry leadership. And to facilitate and expedite the decision-making process for strategic decision makers and operational team members within your organisation.

Keywords: NDIS Software Trends 2018, Aged Care, CRM, quality data, customer relationship management, NDIS, My Aged Care.

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Mobile Assistance Context Awareness

Context-aware computing is a mobile computing paradigm in which applications can discover and take advantage of contextual information such as user location, time of day, neighbouring users and devices, and user activity. Many researchers have studied this phenomenon and built diverse context-aware applications.

Mobile Context-aware assistance promotes use of context-aware search with “easy to use and search for services you are entitled to” by helping users identify the best option across a multi-service provider network, through a user-friendly interface that intelligently adjusts to user preferences and to contextual information. A personalised mobile assistant application with the focus on security and data transmission time.

The main component of the model which has the purpose of determining context information from the user’s current environment could act as input for the model to determine what information should be retrieved and presented to the user. A logical AI context-aware matchmaking sensor will be developed to perform this task. The integrated context-aware matchmaking sensor could determine the following context parameters: A Distance (closest first), B Rating/Reviews (high to low) and C Price (cheapest first).

NDIS Software Trends 2018 Reports

NDIS and Aged Care Mobile Assistance Context Awareness to create competitive Advantage

Participants Web Portals

As a web-based platform, a portal allows users to connect with one another and find content that is relevant with ease and simplicity. It combines information from different sources into a single user interface.

Increase customer engagement and self-management with incorporate innovative design and user-friendly features, such as simplified data displays, easy log-in access, and alerts, or notifications. The portal is connected to health record, to give users the possibility to access their client data, to manage their goals and outcome data and to provide additional meaningful data for the context-aware AI engine. Main additional components are service management, medication intake, documents, surveys, audit and emergency contact.

My Notifications could notify the user via email, sms or push notification about provider messages, goals and outcome reminders, notifications, updates if submitted interest, ratings and reviews etc.

DSS Support Business Decisions

As a web-based platform, a portal allows users to connect with one another and find content that is relevant with ease and simplicity. It combines information from different sources into a single user interface.

A decision support system (DSS) designed to support business decisions made primarily at the management and executive level. An efficient CRM-data mining framework for the prediction of customer behaviour and to generate leads and effective sales or resales for your organisation. Multi-purpose discovery data tools, one part is to collect data and information of the NDIS and My Aged Care portal and collect data to action.

The decision support system may present information graphically and may include an expert system or artificial intelligence (AI). It may be aimed at business executives or some other group of knowledge workers.

Social Media – Micro Communities

NDIS Social Media – Micro Communities are an integrated online service and social network platform to support elderly people and participants in their everyday life and to provide a possibility for all users to increase their social ties by getting to know local service providers, local events, new people and meeting with them based on shared interests, share provider experience, and hobbies. Users can access a wall, a group blog, events and a photo gallery and can share web content. Users can decide if the group is private or public.

Providers can extend the brand or build a social community model around participants or elderly people forming groups on the web. Users can create multiple collaborative group or business page to enter business information like events, services list etc. Each group can create a multiple page collaborative website. Functionality like Activity notifications, news feed, instant chat, photo, video sharing, blogs, groups, events, friends, comment, tag, rate any kind of content, privacy and profile customisation, collaboration, and file sharing;

Social Media - Micro Communities

NDIS and Aged Care Social Media – Micro Communities to create competitive Advantage

Online Directories web 2.0

NDIS and Aged Care Online Directories are online search portals for NDIS and Aged Care service providers and users. Database to find providers connected to Aged Care or NDIS Service Providers on the mobile or any other device eg. PC, Mac Desktop, iPad etc. Directories work in the traditional sense like search portals. Responsive design the business directory will automatically adapt to different screen sizes, and easily translate to a mobile platform from the desktop version. Currently owned and operated by Datanova please visit NDIS or Aged Care portals to access full profiles that include business information, contact form, youtube videos, a link to your website, downloadable product brochures, product descriptions and more. Directories will be the main provider’s source for DIPA to collect in the background to feed DIPA mobile or web. Responsive and mobile friendly design ensures scalability of your business directory!

Roster Centered CRM Solutions

CRM could give a completely flexible solution and can save a significant amount of administration time and expense, and facilitates in providing a clear view of current performance by means of colourful business intelligence dashboard. Service teams with the ability to resolve participant inquiries in a personalised, but repeatable manner that improves customer satisfaction.

The need to focus roaster efforts and maximise their time, while empowering mobile staff to effectively oversee and submit case notes. CRM experience built around your roster processes and supported by a full continuum of NDIS and My Aged Care services, easy to use, and configured to any organisation in the NDIS industry.

CRM could give a completely flexible solution and can save a significant amount of administration time and expense, and facilitates in providing a clear view of current performance by means of colourful business intelligence dashboard.

CRM could be extremely comprehensive and can be tailored to all specific business objectives. All the collected data forms be tailored to any search required by your organisation, whether it’s under the National Disability Insurance Scheme or Aged Care, or other government or non-government programs.

Disability and My Aged Care service providers in Australia need technology that helps them manage and take advantage of information. Datanova provides service and support solutions that facilitate collaboration, enabling exceptional support across the organisation.
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