DSS Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS Aged Care

Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS My Aged Care

Businesses continually seek competitive advantage for NDIS and Aged Care to establish a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Operational automation and visibility is key – the pace of digital business demands that the right decisions are made at the right time… often at a pace human’s can’t keep up with. Analytics and automation ensure completeness of information, and the ability to respond to what this information is saying, at the right time. Automation frees up time for innovative new projects by minimising the time teams spend on routine activities.
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Current NDIS and My Aged Care industry problems

The MAC portal contains a client record for each WMQ aged care client, whether they be RAC, CHSP, HAS, CATS or In Home Care funded. The client record contains a series of fields with information about the client that is relevant to assessing what type of services they can access and whether WMQ can provide the service to the client. It can also contain an assessment by the RAS team or an ACAT that is attached as a PDF. All of this information can only be extracted manually. If the care needs of a client changes and they receive another assessment there is no way to automatically be alerted to any changes to the client record other than a manual process of periodically reviewing all client records. This process is not used currently other than by exception.

Decision Support System for 360 degree view of client services qualified

1. Currently we are delivering a service to a customer based on what they are asking us to deliver.

For example a client may be asking for physio under CHSP funding. We assess whether we can service them based on availability of an appointment in the next two weeks. We do not currently review their client record to see what other services they have qualified for via a RAS assessment or an ACAT or whether they have a chronic disease indicates further services they will require over the coming years. Because we are not reviewing the client record we are missing out on opportunities to cross sell and up sell services. In the case of the physio customer we may be turning down the client because we have no appointments available when we should be saying yes to them because they have a chronic disease and we can offer other services to them or they have qualified for a package.

Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS My Aged Care FlowLogic Example

Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS My Aged Care FlowLogic Example
2. Secondly we have no way to easily know whether a current client’s care needs have changed.

For example we may have a Community Assisted Transport Service customer that we provide a relatively low value service to. This may have been happening for 12 months. We would continue to provide this service until the customer no longer needed the service. What we don’t currently know about this customer is that they have been assessed by a RAS team as having dementia and qualifying for a care package. Currently we would only notice if this was the case if the customer came to us asking for a package. What we know is that the RAS team would have updated the client’s record in the MAC portal. Because we have access to the customer’s client record we could have known the customer had qualified for a package and got in touch with them to offer them a package on the same day that their client record was updated. This would give us a jump on the competition. It would also mean new warm leads are being flagged in our system without needing to pay for those leads through advertising or sales.

Solutions: Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS Aged Care

    1. Using Datanova’s existing software, Flowlogic will generate an API link into the MAC portal to extract all relevant information from WMQ’s client records. This information will be sorted into fields to match WMQ’s lead generation needs and ideally the needs of Com Care for maintaining up to date client records The fields required will be scoped out in the user case project. Such fields would include, basic contact information, age, initial service requested from WMQ, any chronic health conditions that match our predictive care pathways, any RAS or ACAT assessments, marital status, contact information of the carer or EPOA if one exists.
    1. The software will access the MAC Portal on a daily basis to check to see if the client record has been updated and flag any changes.
    1. The software will pull in RP data to determine if the lead owns their own home. There may be other wealth screening data that we want to access at this point.
  1. The software will categorise the leads based on determined parameters. The software will link via an API to Sugar CRM to assign leads to members of the service navigation team for follow up.

Statement: Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS Aged Care

Decision Step


Examples of possible Systems

Intelligence gathering

What is to be decided?

What are the decision criteria? Obtain relevant data

Communications applications (email, video conferencing, word processing, presentation) Query and reporting systems Data analysis applications

Alternative formulation

What are the choices?

Communications applications


Analysis choices against criteria Select alternative

Spreadsheets Financial modeling Other modeling


Make it so

Communications applications


Evaluate results of decision. If necessary, repeat process to correct or adapt

Communications Query and Reporting

Spreadsheet and other analysis

Conclusion and Summary Key Points: Decision Support System Creates Competitive Advantage NDIS Aged Care

  1. Quick computations at a lower cost
  2. Group collaboration and communication
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Ready access to information stored in multiple databases and data warehouse
  5. Ability to analyse multiple alternatives and apply risk management
  6. Enterprise resource management
  7. Tools to obtain and maintain competitive advantage

FlowLogic CRM CMS system

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