Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management & CRM 2.0

How to implement Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management & CRM 2.0 as a strategy for managing interactions and communication with patients/participants/clients which involves using Information and Communication Technology to organise, automate, and coordinate business processes. CRM with the Web technology provides Community Service and Healthcare Providers the ability to broaden service beyond its usual practices, and thus provides an advantageous environment for them that want to use ICT to achieve complex goals. A new approach in CRM will help to increase customer support, promoting better goals and outcome monitoring. Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0 Solution includes a Google slide show at the end of this post.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) attract new customers to your organisation and retain the entire lifetime of the relationship, and to extend other services or products to existing customers. In order to achieve those strategies, providers must consider establishing a close relationship with customers and build trust of information sharing.

In a competitive market, poor and distrusted service leads customers to switch providers. In the digital age, people have more choice to seek care and how to interact with their providers. Customer service is an essential requirement for providing high-quality services and for staying in a highly competitive industry. Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management & CRM 2.0 strategies will transform customer strategies and systems to support customer engagement. Focus on conversation between organisation and customer is important to initiate trust between both parties. Proactive strategies will improve customer services and great customer support will increase loyalty, revenue, brand recognition, and business opportunity.

Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0

Aged Care, NDIS Solution: Case and Database Management with CRM 2.0

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Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0: Industry challenges for providers

CRM is a philosophy and a business strategy supported by a system and a technology designed to improve human interactions in a business environment. Furthermore, it is an operational, transactional approach to customer management that is focused around the customer facing departments, sales, marketing and customer service. Early CRM initiatives was the process for modification, culture change, technology and automation through use of data for support the management of customers so it can meet a business value of corporate objectives such as increases in revenue, higher margins, increase in selling time, campaign effectiveness, reduction in call queuing time, etc.

There are many challenges in adopting CRM for Community Service and Healthcare Providers. Due to the complexity of the business, there are many issues dealing with customers and must be considered. The industry is undergoing a paradigm shift, from ‘Industrial to Information’, it is shaping the industry and transforming the provider-patient/client relationship. Today people use the Internet to collect information about Community Service and Healthcare Provider and to research services they are interested in.

Aged Care, NDIS: Case and Database Management and Web 2.0 tools to enhance information sharing

Web 2.0 could be used as enablers in creating close and long-term relationships between an organisation with its customers. Web 2.0 has been defined as a set of economic, social, and technology trend that collectively form the basis for next generation of the Internet. Web 2.0 technology and tools enhance information sharing and collaboration.

Every day, customers become more and more involved with such Web 2.0 technology, such as wikis, blogs, social networking and other applications, devices and programs. As the main advantages of Web 2.0 are the linkage among people, ideas, processes, systems, contents and other organisational activities. Web 2.0 definitely affects performance of the organisation as it is about engaging relationships, sharing experience & information, and collaboration. It’s time to close the digital gap in Aged Care and NDIS with Case Database Management & CRM 2.0.

Social networking could generate a way to strengthen relationship between organisation and their customers. The booming number of social networking groups and supports groups for clients/participants on the internet and their influence on behaviour is only beginning. The concept of a social network defines organisations as a system that contains objects such as people, groups, and other organisations linked together by a range of relationships.

Aged Care, NDIS Self-Service Client Portal Solution: Integrate FlowPoint and FlowLogic

FlowLogic CRM is a case and database management cloud-based system that promotes openness with all activities recorded in the database management system. Patients/families are able to access information recorded online through the self-service client portal. The service is more or less the same as with the traditional systems; the difference is the privilege to access medical records, personal data, appointment scheduling, and other features of Web 2.0 added to establish conversation, convenience, and creating trust to the service. And to link internal and external social networks to engage everyone and export ideas, foster innovations of new services, and getting response/feedback for existing service.

Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0

Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0

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Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0: Empower staff, clients and families

In FlowPoint, empower your clients/participants/patients/families to have the ability of controlling their own data. Once registered to the portal, it will have personalised information through our web services to deliver m-health and e-health and is integrated with Social CRM. The system will create accounts for each client/participant/patient to self-manage services, to access all applications and data offered by the systems. Technical assistant is available through an online manual or help desk personal.

In FlowLogic CRM functionalities compose from Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. Encourage your customers willingly to provide data without hesitation and deliver features like updating personal data, records & history (medical treatment received, medicine consumption history, family illness history, genetic, medical imaging, x-ray, etc), preference services, Transaction, payment/billing data, activities, personal health promotion and education, email, appointments, friend in networks, forums, chatting, etc.

Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management CRM 2.0 Conclusion

CRM 2.0 is the move away from the transaction based ‘management’ of client/participant/patient engaging in a real two way dialogue based on trust on both sides. Changing behaviour that is arising with new technologies, it is necessary for Community Service and Healthcare Providers to open up, share information and start listening to customers instead of just pushing marketing messages out into the market. Engaging in such a meaningful conversation will help to discover new ideas and align products and services with the customer demand. It further leverages the willingness of users to contribute to the development and enhancement of products, services or ideas.

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