Free Platinum NDIS Service Provider Listing Animated

Maximise Your Visibility with Datanova’s Free Platinum NDIS Service Provider Listing We offer all our clients a FREE Platinum Listing on our NDIS Service Providers directory. A directory to assist participants to find support and contact providers from the palm of their hand. At Datanova, we’re not just about offering top-notch services; we’re about building … Read more

CRM Nursing Documentation System in Residential Aged Care Woman Wheel Chair

How to implement Aged Care NDIS Case Database Management & CRM 2.0 as a strategy for managing interactions and communication with patients/participants/clients which involves using Information and Communication Technology to organise, automate, and coordinate business processes. CRM with the Web technology provides Community Service and Healthcare Providers the ability to broaden service beyond its usual … Read more

Digital Engagement Strategies Hero

Digital Engagement Strategies: Trends and Frameworks for Interactive Success People connect digitally these days for many reasons. People connect digitally because it is portable, keeps people in touch, provides choice, gives support and much more. The below slideshow covers some great information on digital engagement strategies. Why should you invest time in getting your digital … Read more

60 point checklist for launching e-commerce websites

Developing an e-commerce web site and the importance of testing before going live. e-commerce solutions test your site before going live A vital part of e-commerce web development and design is testing your site before it goes public. After all, you don’t want to publish a malfunctioning site that doesn’t resize to ever changing screen … Read more