Define Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce? Define Social Commerce. Social commerce is the next step in the evolution of eCommerce. Social commerce can be briefly described as commerce activities mediated by social media. In social commerce, people do commerce or intentionally explore commerce opportunities by participating and/or engaging in a collaborative online environment. As a relatively new … Read more

How to implement a Marketing 2.0 Model


Implementing a Marketing 2.0 Model combines traditional marketing techniques with Web 2.0 and other social media elements. By using your website, blog, social network(s), and email marketing to create a conversation between your company, customers, and prospects, Marking 2.0 allows you to extend your marketing reach beyond that of traditional marketing methods. Combining the traditional … Read more

Mobile social media: New element of digital marketing


Mobile social media: The new hybrid element of digital marketing communications It is difficult to imagine our lives without mobile phones. According to a the Household Use of Information Technology Australia in 2014-15, “Australians on an average own 3 digital devices and ownership of many digital, mobile and connected devices has reached critical mass. … Read more

Mobile CRM: Business benefits mobile marketing

Mobile CRM Business benefits mobile marketing

Mobile CRM: Business benefits mobile marketing The use of mobile phones in Australia represents an outstanding business opportunity. Almost 80% of Australians surveyed have one, an increase of nearly 10% on last year. There are roughly 15 million smartphones in use in Australia and that doesn’t include the millions of used devices stashed in drawers, … Read more

Digital Engagement Strategies: Trends and Frameworks

Digital Engagement Strategies Hero

Digital Engagement Strategies: Trends and Frameworks for Interactive Success People connect digitally these days for many reasons. People connect digitally because it is portable, keeps people in touch, provides choice, gives support and much more. The below slideshow covers some great information on digital engagement strategies. Why should you invest time in getting your digital … Read more

Mobile Marketing


What is mobile marketing and learn about it In a nutshell mobile marketing is on a mobile device, such as Android, iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Windows phone, laptops, etc. And any marketing activity operated through a network to which we the consumer is connected using a personal mobile device. Another example to describe mobile marketing is … Read more