Digital Ecosystems and Community Clouds

Digital Ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems … A versatile metaphor! IT industry, Business, Software Engineering, Networks and Information Systems For us: Distributed Collaborative Systems. “… will be able to use and design complex self-managed Web-based public and industrial systems, digital ecosystems, platforms, services and applications …” Social, technological and business systems emerge to large scale, decentralised, open, heterogeneous, adaptive, …

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Cloud CRM Software


The power of Social Selling: CRM, Social CRM & CXM Software explained. What is CRM? CRM is an abbreviation standing for Customer Relationship Management. CRM integrates sales and marketing, administrative, accounting, logistics and other key business operations to ensure the company’s relationships with its customers remain healthy throughout the business process. Much of its value …

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What is Cloud Computing in a Nutshell

Cloud computing in a nutshell
What is Cloud Computing A guide to what is cloud computing and the different types, we explain cloud systems and include information on deployment and cloud services available. Cloud computing establishes access to carrier-class data centre technology with better performance, higher efficiency, and lower costs. The term ‘cloud’ came from the common use of the ...

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UC Unified Communication Phone System saved 500k

Datanova Custom Application and Cloud Development
New Phone System Saves Qld-based company est. Half-Million Dollars Novaphone Switchvox Employment Services Queensland (ESQ) opened its doors in 2008 with nearly 300 employees. Datanova's Unified Communication Phone System Nova Phone Switchvox solution has helped propel ESQ in its mission to help people and communities in Queensland. Expanding to multiple offices with many employees also presented challenges ...

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Job Service Software in the cloud

Datanova Cloud Development
At Datanova we believe business should be without the headaches associated with downtime and slow services. Hence, we now offer pain relief – Load Balancing in a Cloud for full redundancy and virtually no downtime! Cloud computing is an environment that enables convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, ...

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