CRM eCRM mCRM Case Management Cloud Solution

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Why Public Sector CRM? The Government vision for reform is guided by three principles. Government should be Citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered; Results-oriented; (and) Market-based. These reforms will progressively offer competitive, high quality services that meet the needs of the Australian population. The current standards for quality are under review. Google Slide Show Unleash the power: CRM …

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Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing
Meaning of Mobile Cloud Computing Mobile cloud computing was defined in a 5 March 2010 entry in the Open Gardens blog as "the availability of cloud computing services in a mobile ecosystem. Mobile Cloud Computing is the state-of-the-art mobile distributed computing paradigm comprises three heterogeneous domains of mobile computing, cloud computing, and wireless networks aiming ...

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What is Cloud Computing in a Nutshell

Cloud computing in a nutshell
What is Cloud Computing A guide to what is cloud computing and the different types, we explain cloud systems and include information on deployment and cloud services available. Cloud computing establishes access to carrier-class data centre technology with better performance, higher efficiency, and lower costs. The term ‘cloud’ came from the common use of the ...

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